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Well, one of my diagnoses has the 'paranoid' tag on the front, but I know the government(UK), are spying on me, as I often hear them, and sometimes see them watching me from unmarked cars, either outside my flat, or when I'm out and about.

fuzzy butterfly

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Generally speaking no, I don't feel paranoid, but I have felt that way when waiting on my diagnosis, as tots said doctors can have you feeling like that. Are you feeling Paranoid about everything Ron or just regarding your health and or medics. Hugs 💕💕

fuzzy butterfly

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Ah ok hun, have you spoken to your doctor about this...
Do you think it could be due to any medication . A side effect possibly?
Has it come on recently or been happening for a while, does it seem to be getting any worse..
You say you feel insecure.. In what way?
If you want to answer in a private message that is fine, as I understand that you may not want to give to much information on the open forum.
Hugs 💕