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Parastomal hernia surgery?

hey there guys!
I have been having a shitty year with no answers to why I have been in agony (my crohns isn't very active APPARENTLY 😒) basically my Stoma and pooping is complete agony and has been for a while. Anyway I finly heard back from some tests and have a parastomal hernia (for some reason this was hard to diagnose even though the left side of my gut is so big and hangs low and droopy and is rock solid compared to the other side).anyway it's good to finally have news! But I am going to have surgery in October to repair it with collagen Mesh? They wi have to open me up again and I'm just super nervous. I've gained so much weight cause I can't do anything except lie down cause the pain is too bad - I hope it works but basically I guess I am just hoping to hear anyone's experiences with this type of surgery! Or tips! They are going to open me up down my scar line again. Basically I'm most worried about the pain - I've been on twice daily tramadol and paracetamol for a couple of months and I am scared they will only have me on that - it's barely doing anything as it is!
Also I have been very slow to heal from small thinks like scratches and pimples so I'm kinda freaked about big surgery 😖 surgeon is taking me off humira and azathioprine a month before I hope that's long enough to help!

Anyway would love to hear anyone's experiences ! Thanks so much!!!

Charlotte x