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Partial obstruction?

Hi everyone. Looking for some advice.
Wednesday evening had quite bad stomach pain. Lasted a few hours then eased off.
Thursday fine until I went to bed. Then really bad pain, like low level childbirth, constant level of pain maybe 4 out of 10 then waves up to maybe 8/10. Started being sick. Was sick several times in the night.
By morning still hurting a lot. Sipped drinks but kept throwing up.
Pain level started to reduce over the day. By that night had stopped being sick and with painkillers managed to sleep.
Feeling much better today, tiny bit of pain if the dog bangs into my tummy (she’s huge) have stuck to soup/ porridge/ smoothies.

I am wondering if this is a partial obstruction and if so, what to do about it. The news is saying the hospitals are rammed with covid patients. Is this something I can manage at home with soft diet or am I deluding myself?
Hi Delta_hippo - sorry you have been feeling pain. Perhaps a phone call at least to your GI or doctor to determine if anything further should be done. I'm glad it has eased up - it could be a partial obstruction but it could also just be a bug - it's hard to tell. I think it's worth mentioning though to your doctor.
Thanks- been eating soft food since and tummy a bit more tender than normal but no more horrible pain thank goodness- going to ring the ibd team tomorrow for a view.


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Hey there! I usually don’t pop over to the adult side of things but am on a long car ride and noticed this post and your ferritin post. How are you doing now?
Hi and thanks for checking in on me 😊. Had a miserable autumn, was pretty ill despite double dose entyvio. The doctor said inflammation still off the charts plus an infection, possible virus and anaemia. Lost a bit of weight quite quickly and I am skinny since the resection surgery in 2017 (the anaesthetic and pain killers made me sick so three weeks of throwing up everything. A crash diet I don’t recommend!). So switched to Stelara, week of flagyl, started steroids again, iron pills 3 times a day and thrush cream because he thought the antibiotics would cause that. Fun times! Any way things settled down after a month or so, just starting to taper steroids now after my second Stelara dose. I have also started ibd-aid diet (basically scd plus oats and probiotics). About a week in had what we think was a partial obstruction despite the diet being mainly puréed everything (for ease of digestion). Ibd nurse said could have been a twisted bowel 🙁. In normal times I think they would have got me in for a CT scan to see but the whole UK is really struggling to manage covid so the hospitals are rammed and full of covid patients. So he told me to eat soft food and see if it happened again. Blood test was okay and iron levels creeping up (this is a relief as allergic to IV). Things seem to have settled down since.
So now back to my usual self which is a shadow of my pre-Crohn’s self but I am well enough to get by and very grateful for that. Waiting for my vaccine, we’ve been told by mid February for the clinically vulnerable so hopefully not long.
Hope you are doing alright and the girl is settling a bit on the steroids? Reminds me I wanted to check in with you about calcium for her, I’m sure you are on it. I have a friend with UC who was on high dose pred for years, no supplements and now paying for it.
Hoping things go well for you and yours 😊
Sorry I am replying so late, but, I had something very similar happen to me. I called my GI Doctor she called me in Zofran prescription for neausa that helped with the throwing up. I had to stick with a soft food diet for months. I had to eat yogurt, baby food inwhich I had to add salt for taste. Sipped on cream of chicken soup until my where my small and large intestine meet healed some. The following year they had to end up removing 26 inches of my intestines because it was eat up with Chron's. It had spreaded to my appendix inwhich caused severe pain. It looked like a sea sponge. I hope you are better now. Looks like all of our diets are very bland.