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Participation in a Crohn's Medical/Drug Study



Have you ever been apart of a medical study, or a drug study?

While in the hospital after my surgery, I was apart of a study in which I was potentially given a unique mixture of morphine and another drug. They were testing to see if this formula had less side effects to just "regular" morphine use. I had never been on morphine before and only used the pump for the first day, so I have no idea if I was given the new formula or not and whether or not it made a difference.

I, along with my parrents, gave blood for a research study that was being completed regarding parrents and children with Crohn's-- they were trying to determine if parrents played any role (chromosomes etc.) in their child's disease. Haven't heard of any new discoveries out of Sick Children's Hospital in Toronto regarding this, so they must still be researching!


The only study I did was to rate the quality of the food in the hospital :D. While several mistakes were made (giving me solids when I was only supposed to be on liquids) I gave the service and food rather good marks :).

Hopefully my input will make meal times more enjoyable for patients in the future.


Maybe this means docs and researchers finally are onto something then about figuring out what is causing all of these IBD's. At the very least it would be good if they could give some definitive answers about whether it is hereditary or not.


Mama Crohnie
I agree Mike, it's very odd to read that so many of us have family members that to suffer from the same illness. I was told by my doctor many years ago, that it wasn't. However, he never showed me anything to indicate anything other. I strongly believe...that it does.