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Partner with crohns...weight HELP!

My partner has had crohn's for around 5 years now(or has been diagnosed should I say). When I first met him he was getting a bit better and at the tail end of a flare up, was putting on weight, looking generally healthier.
The last 1-2 years(since operation for hernia) his stomach has been flaring slightly. He has a couple of narrowing's which are bothering him and has had a bit of cramping, and tiredness but nothing MAJOR at the minute he also had a colonoscopy in June and since then has been bothered with fissures. He doesn't want surgery, he isn't on medication and doesn't want to be if he can help it.

My worry now is he has started dropping to a weight which I am quite concerned about he is 5,10ft and is now 8 stone. At his heaviest he was just over 9 stone which I was happy with as he looked healthy and his family are generally very slim build.
My other worry is... he isn't bothered and reminds me he has been 6 stone before!!! He hates the shakes, he won't eat a lot due to his stricture, he doesn't want to take anything to assist him to gain weight... he just doesn't seem to care?
I've tried to make minor changes which his diet(higher calorie crisps/biscuits/meals) he seems to tolerate me doing this but gets angry with me if I try to encourage anything else.

Please help :(
I'm constantly getting onto him which doesn't help, but I'm lost for what else to do?

Thank you in advance. :)
Hi. If he is not on any medication, there is a chance of him getting worse. He may need to get some professional help to see that he needs to take care of himself. Please keep us abreast of how he is.
Thanks, he is very anti-medication as they haven't worked before and of course the side effects are a bit daunting I think he would have to be in a terrible state before he had medication again unforutnely. He is seeing his new consultant tomorrow with myself so hopeful we can have a good chat with him and he gets on with him better than he did with his old one!
Hope he gets well and the consult goes good. He really needs to start taking care of himself before crohns takes care of him. He can be anti-medication as long as he can keep a well enough diet to mske hes body function, but he should get a good diet that works for him, some medication and try to work with it. I'm new to crohns mine as been diagnosed 2 years ago. But i believe thats possible from what i've seen. But you just cant "quit" and it seems to be doing it. I really hope this new consultant can get to him and make him take it seriously. Please let us all know hows its going, best of wishes and good luck for both of you!
Hi, so sorry he is having a difficult time. It can be a awful situation, for those witnessing it as well.

I can't help but to understand, what it must look like when one doesn't want the medications. I see many on here with a list of 'failed' medication(s) for one reason or another. I don't know if they go back and try them again, but I suspect not if it was because of unbearable reactions, side effects, or they simply failed to work. Confusing how another would ask them to repeat such a thing. So, when we can't go back to a medication, it doesn't mean we won't take a medication, it's usually because we can't. It really doesn't help when others say, you will get worse, or expire if you don't.

The pain many suffer can be more then most can manage. The normal person would think they were about to expire. So we do tolerate a lot. Strictures are no fun. We learn not to push it, by eating things that just might overload our system making us vomit, wretch, and suffer further. It can be so incredibly painful. So food is usually reduced because it seriously hurts.

But, and its a big but, you gotta get your nutrition in. Protein, calories, vitamins, minerals, fluids.... you have to have the strength to fight this. So, start searching to build yourself. Get some weight on. Look into nutritious soups, chicken if you eat meat, eggs if you are not vegan, tofu in miso soup is awesome, some starches like baked potatoes, rice, hard cheeses for low lactose, yogurt, ripe bananas, peanut / nut butters, as you get a foot hold add a little more, but tell him he has to get some nutrition in. I know the nutrition shakes totally can suck, but it's just for a little while to help out. Sip slowly since for some they can feel heavy (meaning like a bowling ball in the stomach).

My thoughts and prayers with you both.
Be well, God bless
Weight loss, especially if it is sudden, should always be treated seriously. It normally is the sign of something being active and it normally also comes with the "I don't want to eat" attitude. I am not thrilled with medication but have come to the realisation that without it I will be pushing up daisies in fairly short order. As a survivor of septicemia due to crohn's, it is a very real possibility if it is ignored.

Shake some sense into your guy!