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Past failed preps ..one is coming ..scared

I had a MRE ..which by the way the barium made me sick as a dog. They said my insides from the colon down are a mess. So now a colonscopy.. my fear THE PREP. last time my stomach blew up and got hard as a rock.. and nothing ever came out. They had me doing miralax and gatorade. Omg then I threw up from it..got so sick.
So now Im freaking out.. im sensitive to alot of things. Dr says take a capful of miralax every night for two weeks.. what?! so I dont eat for 2 weeks? because it makes no sense.
I dont know what to do. It makes me so sick and emplodes inside me and wont exit my body.
I dont know what to do? can anyone help me? Thank you :(


Staff member
I agree with the above, i think you need to speak to your doctors and get a clearer set of instructions, I really don't imagine that they want you to fast for 2 weeks, I think its more a case of softening up your stool and making sure there's as much cleared as possible before the scope so that you don't end up in the same situation as before, and they're probably hoping that using smaller amounts of prep over a longer period of time would make it more tolerable to drink and reduce any side effects.