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Pearl Jam guitarist shares his personal struggle with Crohn’s disease

Thanks everyone, happy to post the article!

When I was thinking about what Mike McCready has been able to achieve in forming Pearl Jam, touring the world, I'm amazed. Simply being that active is hard to imagine. As I was telling a friend the other day, having an IBD, all to often has me feeling drained physically and mentally a good portion of the time. It is an often used cliche in other areas, but I get the sense that typical work activities can be twice as hard for us to achieve compared to those with out gut issues. So to go on to do what he has, in the publics eye, is amazing. As I like to joke, with this gut condition I'm on my time! To be putting on shows, working constantly to meet other peoples schedule with Crohns is inspiring.
That's awesome. There are so many public advocates for all different diseases and disorders, GI diseases are probably the lowest on the list of conditions people want to talk about or admit to having. It helps when someone respected, in the public eye, says to everyone, "Hey, I have this disease, it's terrible, but it doesn't define me."
Mike McCreedy is an amazingly talented guitarist - love watching him - thanks for the post! What an inspiration!