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PEG tube contents turning blue/green?

I've had a PEG tube for a little over 2 years. I just had mine replaced last week due to a hole developing. The new one is working fine, but yesterday when I woke up I noticed that the contents of the PEG tube had changed from clear to a blue/green color. The same thing happened this morning. I'm flushing with water after use. Could it be something with the new tube? Something with the water?

Oh and this is on the side between the clamp and the end of the tube, not the side between the clamp and the stomach, so I know it's not stomach contents making their way into the tube.
Do you let the water sit overnight in the tube?
My knowledge is limited with pegs because my daughter has a g-tube (AMT Button)

Spooky1 might be of some help.
Yeah, I flush it with water after use, and then in the morning it's changed color. I got a new syringe and fresh water that I'm using now, and will see if that makes a difference.
No, I just use tap water, but that's what I've always used, which makes me think it's something about this new tube. However, it seems weird that it was fine for a week before this started.
Did it happen again? There's no way thet the stomach bile could have backed up into the tube?
Sorry just thinking out loud!:shifty-t:
Yeah, happened again. And no, I don't think so. The side that goes to my stomach is completely clear, no hint of color at all, while the other side is distinctly colored.