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Pelvic floor therapy and biofeedback

Anyone's child have experience with both or either? Was it helpful for your child's issue? I know it varies by issue, but how many sessions did your child have and how often (once a week?) We are waiting for the PT's late May and June calendar to be released so haven't set up intake yet.


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My daughter has done pelvic floor PT but it was just to help her lower back pain. Due to her arthritis, she usually does PT once or twice a week, because even if she’s doing her exercises at home, her arthritis is in such bad shape that regular PT makes a huge difference. In her case, when she was pediatric, it was incorporated into her regular PT.
Now that she’s not at a children’s hospital, the PT practice she goes to has specific PTs she goes to occasionally for pelvic PT. Adult pelvic seems to be focused more on incontinence, recovery from childbirth, prolapse etc. vs. the more general pelvic PT done at the children’s hospital.