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Pen Keeps Squirting :S

Ive been on Humira for about 5 months now and its been working a dream, I have no problem injecting myself until recently.

I had 2 pens left and I done everything I usually do but after I took the pen off my skin the medicine squirted everywhere. Used my last one and same happened. I ordered a new batch of 6 and have used 4 again, I tried to contact my clinic today because that is 5 days I have went without my fortnightly 40mg dose, they will be closed until Monday. What am I supposed to do? I dont want waste the last 2 because thats 6 I have wasted and this stuff isnt cheap!

Anyone have simliar problems?:mad2:

Sorry to hear that you're having problems with the pens. I've used a lot of pens and never had this happen. Only thing that immediately comes to mind is that the pen is being removed before the injection cycle is complete? Do you watch for the yellow indicator to finish travelling all the way to the end of the window? I also a little swoosh noise as the cycle completes. If you are doing these things, then it sounds like the pens may have been faulty. l don't know where you are, but if you are in the US, check the details for 24/7 Nurse support on their webpage


Humira is also available in pre-loaded syringes, some people prefer these to the pens.

Hope this is of some help.


Just happened to me also. I spoke to my doctor and got tips and they seemed to work. I was injecting into my thighs when it was happening. I switched to my stomach because I have more muscle mass in my thigh. Also, I took a hot shower prior to injecting,. Then I just made sure to press the tip of the pen down firmly and hold it in place. All of these things seemed to work and it didnt leak out.

But also as an FYI my GI said if a little leaks out its really no big deal.

Oh, also make sure holding a good chunk of skin between your fingers to inject into and hold it the whole time. Might also want to keep the pen on your skin for 20 secs rather than the recommended 10. Good luck.
Try to be relaxed. I put my headphones on and listen to music while having the shots done. If there is a small amount, like a drop or two, that is expected.g If more than that, then you might be pulling away when you hear the click. Even if subconsciously, that can cause the problem.I have trained myself to consciously make sure I do not pull away when I hear the click. That helps.
If this continues to lots of people I'd like to compare lot numbers if the forum rules allow it. Could be a bad batch?
I have injected weekly and have never had a problem. If you think you have a bad lot, I'd contact Abbot directly (not the insurance company) and let them know. Their QA folks will likely send you a replacement batch in return for the bad batch. They will want to reverse engineer any problems, as the FDA can shut down the production line if they are not delivering the prescribed dosage properly.
This happened to me the other day. I figured that the problem was perhaps because I quit squeezing my leg muscle between my fingers when I should have kept squeezing. My nurse instructed me to reduce the squeezing toward the end of the shot to help the medicine go in better but I think that advice is perhaps too tough to follow.
You guys aren't taking the caps off then putting them back for some reason before injecting? Like phone distraction? That's one other reason for those pens to miss.