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Pen vs Syringe

What is the big difference? Process? I have the pen and never really considered the syringe. I'm just curious other than cost, if it has any more convenience?
What does everyone else use?
I use the syringe. I have never used the pen, but the cost of both is the same. It just comes down to personal preference, I guess. I have heard that the syringe needle is thinner, and I also like the fact that I can control the speed of the injection.
I was told the pen was more expensive? I wonder if it changes from prov-prov? Yea the speed would be nice to control. I guess I just like that I dont actually see the needle. I'm not afraid of them but giving it to myself just feels different I guess.
I have used both pen and syringe. I prefer the syringe as I can control how and where the needle goes in and how quickly the medicine is injected. I would say the pen to being stung by a bee compared to the discomfort of the needle. I would check with your pharmacist to see if you can get one box of prefilled syringes to try.

I was told the pen was more expensive.

I started on the pen (I wasn't given an option) and then my pharmacy switched me on accident, and I found that the syringe was SOOOOO much better. Just my personal preference. Being able to control the speed of the injection makes a huge difference in my comfort level.


I don't have any trouble with the pen. I don't find it too painful and it's easy to use.

I do use a syringe for my metho and have no problem with that either. I had a friend who's a nurse show me how to do it and once I got over my initial nervousness, piece of cake!

Good luck - Amy
Maybe eventually I'll try a syringe. When I get more brave, I dont mind needles (I've done tattoos on myself and others) but something about injecting myself feels odd. I'd comfortable with the pen delivery system and haven't experienced too much of the sting. Like a bee sting I agree, goes away relatively quickly. So I think I'll stick with the pen for now. Thanks