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Pentasa and breakouts..



Hi! I am a new member here and was recently diagnosed with CD this year at 25 years old. Two months ago I had a bowel resection and was placed on Pentasa. I have noticed my face breaking out more and also developing a small rash of pimples on my chin. This never happened before and I was not sure if anyone else experienced this associated with Pentasa. Thanks!!!:depressed:


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Hi Vanessa. Welcome to the forum. I had an anterior bowel resection also, and am on Salofalk (another type of Pentasa - there are many brand names of 5ASA). I never had those symptoms with 5ASA (a 5 times stronger form of ASA). There may be others on here who've experienced it, but you should also check with the prescribing physician, plus the website for Pentasa (the maker of the drug should have a website someplace - like for Salofalk, the maker is dr Falk). I dunno who manufacturers Pentasa, but it should be on the literature that came with your prescription. It may even offer a list of potential side effects, or other drug interactions or effects, OK. Anyway, once again welcome. One last question, do you keep a diary of your food intake? It helps, esp if you are on a restricted diet due to IBD