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Pentasa and hair loss

I am aware that hair loss is a side effect of Pentasa. My question is, does it ever stop? Has your hair stopped falling out and if so, how long did it take from the time you began taking Pentasa?
I have not experienced any abnormal hair loss since I've started taking Pentasa. I think this is a rare side effect. If it does occur, I imagine the only way it will stop is if you quit taking Pentasa.
I am taking Apriso, which is like Pentasa, and my hair loss is still really bad. I have definitely lost more than half of my hair. It is really thin now. I am very upset about it, but I am not interested in bleeding again, so I continue to take the medicine. I am ready to buzz it and get a nice, thick wig. I try to stay positive about it, but it is really depressing. I know in my case, the Apriso makes me anemic and all of my iron markers/hemoglobin are low on my blood tests. I do take a liquid iron supplement, but if I take too much, it bothers my UC. Have you had any blood tests since starting Pentasa?
I've been on Pentasa for 7 years (2000mg twice a day) and my hair definitely falls out. I used to have a lotttt of really thick hair and now my hair is "normal". I lose it in small clumps sometimes and have some areas that are thinning. It's not extreme but I do notice that it continues to thin/fall out.
I was on Pentasa for a little over a year before my doctor took me off of it because of the hair loss. It made my hair thin out a lot. It wasn't until I went on a round of prednisone and my hair started coming out in clumps that I got really concerned. Even after a month off prednisone it wasn't getting any better. My doctor told me it should have improved within 7 days of stopping if it was only the prednisone. It has has improved since I stopped taking Pentasa and am now on another round of prednisone with hardly any loss.
How apparent is the hair loss on these medications?

I have been taking Lialda since being diagnosed about a month ago, and have recently noticed a fair amount of shedding near my desk at work. Maybe 20 hairs a day. I have a lot of hair -- and I know some shedding is natural -- but this seems excessive.
I have been on Pantasa as well for a year 4 * 500 mg pill a day.

I have noticed hair thinning.

I have done some research and it appears that many that take Pantesa have some vitamin B deficiency.

Vitamin B plays an important role in hair growth. I have an appointment booked for July. I am going to consult my GI to confirm this and see if I can increase the intake of B in order to minimize the side effect of hair loss. Also my GI prescribed Folic Acid (Vitamin B Complex) along with Pantasa