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Pentasa and hair loss



I have been taking Pentasa for about 4 months now 3g a day, the last 2 weeks or so I am loosing alot of hair, enough it clogs the shower drain everyday, could the pentasa be doing it?? It says in the side effects hair loss is rare? Does anyone else have this?
I take Pentasa, Protonix and multivitamin everyday...Help
I was in the same boat, I had a lot of hair loss from the pentasa, but now I am on a good multivitamin, so there isn't as much of a hair loss. Also try a good shampoo, like herbal essence to help your hair.
I know that our hair loss is do to this freggin disease.
Mine has been falling out for months now.In gobs and gobs.
Ask your GI he will tell you the same thing.
At this rate I will be bald sooner then later


Thanks everyone for your input, I have a call into my doc. I guess I will see what he has to say hopfully tomorrow.
Pen said:
I think your right Tammysue... I have lost hair too at different times, hasnt been fun, this disease causes more than you think. We tend to blame everything on the meds, I know I do.... calcium carbonate will help and Vitmin D is essential to both. I forget mine sometimes, feels like pills for meals.

I take my Vitamin D and muti vitamin plus those other meds.
and my hair is still fallin out