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Pentasa and Joint Pain

The Pentasa delivery system allows absorption all through the intestinal tract so I know it at least is making it to the blood stream unlike Asacol.

What I want to know is, have those of you that have taken Pentasa and have joint pain, seen any benefit?
mine was shocking back then Colt, that was when i couldn't leave the house due to arthritus.

i'm still singing praise for methotrexate and plaquinel combo as far as arthritus goes at the moment. best i've had.
No. What I'm asking is how much it helps the joint pain, if at all. I'm wondering if getting on pentasa will still leave me with the need to find something for my joint pain.
I was under the impression that ASA based stuff did nothing for joint pain and that immune-suppressors were needed. I'm not a doctor though and am often very wrong :D
Thanks guys. The trick with pentasa is that unlike the other formulations of 5-ASA it still allows some of the medication to be released into the small intestine where it will be absorbed into the blood stream. Being absorbed into the blood stream I was wondering how much of an anti-inflammatory effect is had on the joints. I guess it's not strong enough and the amount that makes it to the blood stream isn't near enough. I guess I'll have to resort to darvocet for regular joint pain relief.