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Pentasa and White Specks

So I am newly diagnosed and have been taking Pentasa for a couple of days and I noticed white specks disbursed throughout my stool. I've read that it's normal for this to happen with Pentasa, but I'm concerned that this could mean that I'm not absorbing the meds properly and that they won't be doing anything. I know it's too early to notice any kind of significant relief but if I'm having problems absorbing the drug what's the use in taking it? My Crohn's is limited to my small intestine only (jejunum and ileum) so other suspensions would be considered inappropriate as they're meant for the colon. If I am having an absorption problem is there a better treatment option I could utilize?


"Pentasa comes as a delayed release capsule which should be swallowed whole or can also be opened and the contents mixed with a wet food such as apple sauce, yogurt, ice cream, etc."

There's been debate though as to the effectiveness when done this way because it may not be active by the time it gets to the ileum and colon. You can ask your GI for their opinion