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Pentasa Anyone?

Hello lovely people,

I have been on Entocort for 5 weeks now but as I wean off the raging shits have returned - bummer eh!

TheEntocort took three weeks to take effect and then kicked in with a spectacular dose of constipation ... OK I admit, having to strain was rather refreshing after so long sprinting for the nearest facility in a sweat (and still continuing to clutch my arse like a two year old) after a fart turned out to be a deluge.... I really must work on not clutching my arse when I need the loo... it looks so juvenile...:eek2:

So I spoke to my consultant today (hey don't knock the NHS - I rang his secretary up this morning, and he called me back to discuss within two hours)... and he has arranged for me to pick up Pentasa tomorrow morning, and increase the Entocort back up again...

So...just wondering if anyone else can comment on side effects? effectiveness?

On the Entocort, I didn't think I had any particular effects, although I have recently been suffering some rather uncontrollable rage.... in fact I managed to have a huge row with my sister, with the result that she told me to F* off and then ran off sobbing :eek: We are VERY close and havent had so much as a cross word in more than 20 years... I'm blaming the Entocort....rather that than admit that I have turned into a psycho bitch who picks on blind MS sufferers... god I feel guilty...

Any way - back to the point? Whats Pentasa like? Miracle bum cork or not?

Thank you in advance!

I can't help there as am new to all this and only experienced Prednisone thus far.

However, i just had to say that I love the way you write here - extremely entertaining - you are a great comic :ylol2:

cheers Shazmataz!

People do say I am funny, but you always wonder if that means funny weirdo???

I like your use of the word comic - sounds more credible and respectable than an oddball who tries to see the lighter side of living off smash, sharting, leaving bad smells (always blamed on youngest son, the cat, or my husband in that order) incontinence aids and a recent obsession with moist toilet paper!

At the end of the day, I think I have an easier dose of Crohns than most people so I might as well look on the bright side! Whats a bit of shit between friends?

Always look on the bright side of life!


> Miracle bum cork or not

:ylol2: :ylol2: :ylol2:

Nicely put! I dont know what pentasa is like, just wondering myself.
Pentasa has served me decent, but as my Doc once said. 2 is okay, 4 is better, eight is better still and 16 is best. That was back when they were in 250mg pills. Adjust accordingly for 500 mg versions, which would be 2, 4, 6, 8. I don't notice much in the way of side effects. I do get a bit of diarrhea, but then again, don't we all? Don't be alarmed if you notice little white beads in your stool. That's par for the course. It's just the undigested bits of what's in the capsules. If you open them like I did, you'd see little white and blue beads. The white beads, I was told once by a someone is filler and doesn't really digest as well as the medicine part. I don't know 100% that that's true, but just know that there will be white beads.

For 500mg capsules, they'll likely prescribe 8 a day. It's pretty much standard. I take the minimum, but I'm a self-admitted fool and our copay is nasty for Pentasa. I still pay like 200 bucks for my pentasa, so the longer I can stretch it the better. I get 3 month supply and try to stretch it to 6. If I was rich or had a better plan I may take it as prescribed and maybe even feel better, but in a capitalist economy there's only so much you can do as a lower middle class (at least by our census standards) can afford. Without starving at least.

Edit: The best thing anyone can do, however, is to research. Look it up, check the side effects. Keep an eye out for 'em. Forewarned is forearmed with any disease. I've been doing my research for quite a while.
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I've been on Pentasa (two 500-mg three times a day) for moderate Crohn's ileitis for less than a week now. I just posted regarding my exhaustion and extreme hunger. Other than that the only thing I noticed was an almost immediate decrease in my diarrhea (although had a bit today) and a tiny bit of nausea that went away after a couple of days.

I keep telling myself I could do steroids and be exhausted and hungry with those too but also moon-faced, water-logged, and mean. It helps. No, really it does. (wink)
Hi Lishyloo
Can't help with the Pentasa, but couldn't help noticing the reference to moist toilet paper. I had a brief flirtation with that stuff, but concluded it just tended to "spread it around" and left me feeling a bit... moist. After many years of experimentation, I've settled on Charmin... and lots of it!
For approx 9 years I have been taking 2x500 mgs four times daily, if my stomach is over-active I will take an extra dose. Haven't had any bad side effects.


Punctuation Impaired
I never noticed a difference between the Pentasa vs Asacol. Asacol was just easier to swallow. My GI said the Pentasa is more effective in the Sm. bowel. The only side effects I've ever had is a dull headache, but it goes away shortly and wasn't too trouble some. Baby wipes are the way go...you just can't flush them.
Right now I'm on a combo of Entocort and Pentasa which still seem to be weak in fighting whatevers going on in my body so they added Cipro and Flagyl. I have noticed a considerable ease in pain once I was on the Pentasa for a few weeks, though my CD is affecting two parts of the Colon and Terminal Ilieum. I guess it depends where its hurting sweetie on how good this med is for you, but I definitely can tell the difference in my pain level if that makes you feel better :)
when i was in high school and they didn't really know entirely what was going on, they put me on pentasa and it was awful. i remember taking either 12 or 16 a day and it made my sympoms worse. i was in more pain in the bathroom and wasgoing more. and there were always these little while pellets that would be all in my poo. like, imagine when styrofoam blocks break appart and you have those really teeny tiny white things... yeah. allll in there.

the main difference w/ asacol and pentasa is that asacol is sort of like coated tylenol... if you cut it in half, it's still a pill. but pentasa is like opening up and anti-biotic capule and the medicine falling out. the asaco also breaks down in the small intestine ... i'm not sosure tho about the pentasa.