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Pentasa capsules vs Pentasa slow release tablets

I've been taking Pentasa capsules 500mg (4) twice daily, for the past 11 years, for Crohn's.
Due to cost of the capsules, I'm having to switch to the tablets which are 500 mg, as well.
Are there any differences, as far as effectiveness or anything else, in the tablet form vs capsules? Thank you.

Cross-stitch gal

Staff member
I'm afraid I never took the capsules, I've always had the slow release. Where do you live? At the moment, I take the mesalamine which is the same thing as the Pentasa, just less expensive. Also, it's a little stronger too so I take less pills. I went from 4 pills a day to 2. It never hurts to ask...
I've not had the capsules, but wish I had them available. I recently changed over from generic 1.2g generic that Cross-stich uses above to the pentasa Tablets and they seem to give me heartburn. It feels like they are dissolving far too early, perhaps in my stomach? You must take them with food I think, but even then, I get a weird heartburn/indigestion feeling 15 minutes after taking one. So far, they have not been very effective, and seem to be doing nothing for me although as you all know that's hard to pinpoint. I get them through UDS in canada, which gets them from the U.K. Box looks legit but seems like a placebo to be honest. Had good luck with Aprisso, but far it's too expensive for any human to buy twice. I may just switch back to the 1.2g generic's