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Pentasa does it work?

Hi new to the board, not new to Crohn's...was diagnosed during my appendix surgery 2006...

Anyway I have been dealing with a long flare for 5 months, that started because I was a jack-ass and decided to quit taking all my meds at once in march, BAD CHOICE!

So recently they (GI/PCP) decided that ascacol wasn't working and that penstasa was they way to go, amoung a whole list of other meds. I tunred down the Remicade for now, I am not dealing with a list of side effect like that rigth now..lol

Anyway, I have seen on here that others don't think the pentasa is working, I wonder if I can expect these results also?

I have been frustrated for quite awhile and the major chronic pain is a constant reminder that I could use some relief and meds to work...

any thoughts about the pentasa?

My Butt Hurts

I'm on Pentasa too, and it's not working so well. I'm in a flare right now, and even Humira isn't working anymore.
I think that Pentasa may work for very mild Crohn's. I was on sulfasalazine when I was first diagnosed and I was in remission on only that for quite a while. It's mild like Pentasa, maybe even in hte same family (ASA?)
You may need something stronger. I was all set to accept Remicade if my doctor suggested it today, but he decided to up my Humira dose. If it helps, I've been on it since February and haven't had one bad side effect.
Good luck.
They tried asacol for me al well and it did nothing so nowI am on Entocort and it seems to be doing well for me. I am not sure the strength but entocort along with Bentyl has really helped me.
I was on entocort and pentasa after my initial diagnosis and neither did anything for me. As Butt said, I think Pentasa and other 5ASA's only work for very mild Crohns. Maybe try adding in Entocort or moving up to Imuran and Prednisone for a little while before moving onto the biologics like Remicade and Humira if you're concerned about the side effects. Imuran, however has some of the same sides as Remicade and Humira, most notably the chance of increased Lymphoma but its very very very rare and from the research I've done the risk with Remi and Humira is also very very low.

Good luck and keep us updated.
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I don't think my Asacol is working....still feel like crap! LOL. And butt hurt! Or as my husband would say like a bag of smashed @**holes!

(Sorry about the lame humor...just couldn't help myself!)
I hope this does not come across badly but my case is far from moderate. Last year I had 7 operations, several stays in the ICU and had an ostomy bag for 3 month. Entocort is working better than Pentasa or Asocol for me. It just goes to show that every persons reaction is different.
im on pentasa i dont think it helps, just annoying to take so many a day. i was flaring a lot while still on it, so even though im on it now and not flaring i think its due to drinking aloe vera juice and eating healthier. i dont think pentasa has helped me, i wanna start reducing it.
ive taken 3000mg of pentasa every day for the past year and i still get random flare ups and am currently in one of my worst flare ups to date. my doctor has always told me that while pentasa wont really help me when im having a flare up and wont help me get better from one, it will help me feel better for longer when im feeling better. i'm very sceptical as its done nothing for me! maybe it just works for some people and not for others.
The difference between Pentasa and Entocort, btw, is the location in your intestines that it works best. Having it work or not depends on where your disease is. One of them works in the colon and the other works for the ileum and the last bit of your small intestine. I can't remember which is which right now though. Regardless, if you have problems in the greater portion of your small intestine neither one can do much for you. Or, if you take them one and then the other and you have diseased portions on both side of the ileum it will seem like neither one is working.
Well I just picked up my first month supply of the Pentasa 500mg I take 4grams a day. my god if my insurance didn't cover it, $490.00. Along with Budesonide 9mg day Donnatol Prn, Tramadol Prn, Bentyl Prn, Norco Prn and currently ending a 10 day tapper of Prednisone.

I truly believe my crohn's is moving beyond the moderate as for the amount of admissions I have required recently, way to many. Since I haven't have real good following by GI's and a real switch of my meds I think I am going to give this a try and see, can't be worse that the last year and 70+ days in the hospital.

Ohh and that darn predinisone, I haven't slept in days, god I hate that!

...frustrated taking 10-20 pills a day but welcome to crohn's right?......