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Pentasa for Crohn's and Kidney Stones

I have had Crohn's for 20+ years and also have had chronic kidney stones for a long time. In the past month I had to had about 35 stones removed from my kidneys... stones that had formed in less than a year. It was a very painful process as I was on Prednisone and the doctor said he could not remove them via ultrasound, rather put in stents and go after them in 3 separate surgeries.

I have heard that there is a connection between Crohn's and kidney stones, but I am reading about the connection between Pentasa and kidney stones. I have been off and on that medicine for close to 20 years and I see some connection between taking it and the stones.

Has anyone else noticed or learned of a connection between aPentasa and kidney stones?


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I know that there can be kidney related issues with Pentasa but not sure about kidney stones.

With Crohn’s it may be hard to differentiate if it is actually the Pentasa that is the issue as there is definitely a connection between Crohn’s and kidney stones and I guess it is this that muddies the water.

Where is your Crohn’s located?

Dusty. xxx
I am not sure either. Yes crohns and kidney issues but not heard in relation to kidney stones. Sorry I can't be more help.
Hubby hasn't taken Pentasa but he was diagnosed with Kidney stones on his left kidney and a mass on his right kidney. He is to have part of the right Kidney removed.
Thanks everyone for your responses.... they have been helpful. I am hoping to find some reason for all the stones so this does not repeat itself and it looks like I need to continue looking. (I am also undergoing tests by a urologist, but have done that before and they were not too helpful).