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Pentasa for Salofalk

I've been on Pentasa for over a year and have had success with it. Relatively no problems (except some pain in the past week after getting a flu jab..?) But having moved country again...I'm an expat, so move country every few years, Pentasa tablets don't seem to be available here, at least in the pharmacies I have access too. I've been given the option to take Pentasa in granule form (mix with water?) or Salofalk tablets. Has anyone here had experience with either/both? The pharmacist seemed to think they're 6 and 2 3's.

I have no confidence in my new doctor about this matter, as she doesn't seem capable of having one visit without consulting someone in another country.

Hi Eilsew, I've had an opposite experience of changing Pentasa to Salofalk because Pentasa did not work. And Salofalk worked for me.
Besides different manufacturers and possibly additives they have different coating. Coating is important because it depends on it where the pill starts dissolving.

So if Pentasa works for you I'd stay with same brand (though I do not know if there is a difference in dissolving dynamics of pills vs. granules)
You have a fair point. I hate the Pentasa tablets though...you get the timing wrong and you end up with what I've termed a ''pentasa bomb" in your mouth...when it just falls apart before you swallow.
If Pentasa is keeping you in remission I would stick with it rather than switch.

The granules come in Pentasa 2 g sachets and you can take the whole lot once daily.
I'm also in Eastern Europe and was prescribed Budenofalk and Salofalk. Budenofalk is way overpriced and comes in packs of 100. The same as Salofalk but their is a huge difference in mg's.