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Pentasa generic version

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I was wondering if anyone might know of a generic version of Pentasa (mesalamine)? It's looking like the patent is up & I was wondering if a generic version might be available here in the states. If so, have any of you tried it yet & did it work the same?

Thank you. :)
I actually asked my GI about this today, and she said that, as of yet, there is not a generic for Pentasa. I start on it tomorrow to replace Delzicol, which I was getting horrible headaches on.
I was Diagnosed in 2012

I was on Pentasa 4 'xs a day foe several years. My new insurance won't cover it so I began taking Apriso4'xs a day this past Thursday10/12/14 . All day today I have had pain cramping diarrhea and inflamation. I never had this with the Pentasa. Any one having the same thing???? or is it too early for th Rx to be working. Thanks -Malkah-

I was Diagnosed in 2012. My father had it he was diagnosedin last stage had surgery. I became sick 2 years after his surgery in the "early stage" . The GI in the middle of the colonosopy said "So, how long have you had Crohn's desease?" that was 12 years ago and it has progressed but the Pentasa had been helping my stay inremission until today please see above thanks :ysmile:
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you can get the generic version though a Canadian pharmcy
Used to buy it that way when we had bad insurance,
Now with Obama care we have good insurance and had to buy Delzicol.
Delzicol has now failed and we are onto Remicade which seems to be working