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Pentasa , How long?

Well, I have been taking Pentasa for about 9 years now, along with other meds like prednisone and antibiotics when I flare and Imuran for about 5 years, but the doctor said I will take it for life!!

I never had any side effects with it, but does anybody know if taking Pentasa long term can cause any damage?


Sports Crohnie
Mazen -
Mesalamine is for long-term use with little side effects. I'd take it if my body wasn't allergic/hypersensitive to it. I was told that long-term use is ok - just keep an eye on kidney stuff, the creatinine levels specifically.

I was told I need to be on 6mp (sister drug to Imuran) for life. Kind of sobering. Unfortunately for me, it's the only maintenance drug that I can tolerate.


Captain Insaneo
I've been on Pentasa for 15 years now. No noticible side effects yet.
Currently I'm taking 500mg 4x daily.
Thanks guys. I currently take 500 mg 6x daily. Also I have regular blood tests for CBC, liver and kidney function every 6 months. I just recently stopped Imuran on my own a month ago as me and my wife will try to have a baby in a few months.

I'm currently more or less in remission, on a low residue diet trying to cut out refined carbs as much as possible (Semi SCD :))and taking a multivit and fish oil.
Mazen, from what I understand, Pentasa isn't absorsbed by the body but is a "wash" along the intestines to keep the inflammation at bay...

I take Pentasa (4 pills 4 x day) along with Entocort.


hello there. i am taking 4 grammes of Pentasa a day. i take 4 (500mg) tablets in the morning and then the same again at bedtime. i've also been worrying about taking them for so long. i was diagnosed in March, 2007 with Crohn's Colitis and have been on prednisolone tablets, predfoam enemas, imuran, mercaptopurine, adcal and actonel. i feel so lucky to be copying on the Pentasa alone(since April, 2008). although i am taking the maximum dose which is meant for a relapse. take care everyone.
hi everybody, as you can see from my signature, im on 4 x 500mg of pentasa a day,im noticing my hair is coming away in little clumps when i run my hands through it, the nurse said this could happen. can someone please reassure me that im not going to end up completely bald.:(