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Pentasa Questions

i am just about to start Pentasa for the first time, & know virtually nothing about this medication.

does anyone have any experience of using Pentasa suppositories? & if so, did it help?

also, is it similar to Asacol?

dingbat i just use the regular pills you swallow and take 8 pills which I believe comes to 4,000mg, it is an anti-inflammatory and from what i understand it is one of the mildest meds and least likely to provide any side effects. good luck, why are you taking it as a suppository?
thanks Hippie :)

taking it in that form because that's where the ulceration is.. well about 7 inches up from there. i can't believe i am talking about my bottom on a public forum!! hahaha

yeah.. the doc did say something about Pentasa being known for good toleration.. i hope he's right!
ah no worries ding - this is a community of people with bottom issues lol. i hope the pentasa works well for you, let us know.
I have been taking Pentasa orally 3g a day for almost 8 years now. Didn't have nay side effects, but I don't know if it is working also. but my doctor said this is a medicine I should take for life !!!
thank you everyone, for your replies :)

so - it is a mild anti-inflammatory. could be just what i need - if it can find its way to the right place! lol
ah well, the hope was good while it lasted :(

used the pentasa for the first time last night, and i had a reaction to it.. was woken up a couple of hours after use, shaking, feeling very faint, sick, dizzy... ho hum. another few weeks wait then i get to tell my GI it is something else i can't tolerate. :(
thanks Pen - i'm not using it again. once my body has given me the stop signal on a drug, i don't push it. i think it is one of those merry-go-round scenarios - i reckon i am over-sensitive to substances because my immune system is playing up, due to the activity of Crohns.. but then when i try to take something to calm the Crohns down, my immune system complains.. sigh.. anyone got any string and a heavy rock? lol
Pentasa, asacol, and other preparations are all mesalamine, the difference is the area they are absorbed in the intenstinal tract. I am on Pentasa CR so that the most of the drug will be adbsorbed by my terminal Illuem. asacol is more for the colon. etc.

hope this helps....


When I starting getting treated for Chrons my doctor, a Chrons expert, prescribed Pentasa. For the first couple of days it caused more abdominal pain and gave me temperature. This lasted for a somewhere between 2 - 4 days and then I was fine. I stopped taking it because it simply wasn't enough on its own and I needed stronger medication. I eventually was put on Remicade along with 6mp but still was having problems. My doctor added 8,000 grams of Pentasa a day into my treatment and approximately 3 months later I started feeling the best I had in years. Everyone reacts differently to these medications, but I hope hearing about my experience helps.