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Pentasa relieving peripheral joint pain

Has anyone heard of Pentasa helping manage pain in peripheral joints?

Is this more likely to be an indication of peripheral or axial arthritis, or is it more likely to be a placebo effect?

My CRP and ESR levels indicate I am still in remission, and I had an MRI last year which showed quiescent (dormant) Crohn's (terminal ileum). My next scope is not due till second half of next year... Should I be pushing to bring my scope forward?


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What joints in particular are you referring to and how many?

Large joint pain, knees, ankles, etc tend to run concurrently with intestinal inflammation whereas small joint pain, spine, fingers, etc has a tendency to run independent of intestinal inflammation. This is just a generalised summing up.

Pentasa is a type of Salicylic Acid (aspirin). Although its mode of delivery is meant to be topical and it is generally thought to be poorly absorbed by the bowel, that said I imagine it would still have some systemic effect but would it be enough to treat joint pain? I don’t know.

So I could see two scenarios here, the systemic Pentasa is helping with joint pain or the joint pain is related to intestinal inflammation and the Pentasa is helping to control it, as a result it is also helping with the joint pain.

Are the serum inflammatory markers a reliable indicator of inflammation for you?

Have you ever has a faecal calprotectin done?

What is your diagnosis, if Crohn’s where is it located?


UC and crohns are diagnosed by a biopsy which finds inflammatory cells. Physicians incorrectly jump to the conclusion that inflammation causes flare ups. Pentasa does not help most patients with their intestinal symptoms. But since pentasa is an antiinflamatory like ibuprofen, it will aid in pain in joints. Another error in physicians logic, they tell us not to take ibuprofen when pentasa is almost the same thing.