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Pentasa tablets/enemas.is anyone finding these hard to take/side effects?

Hi everyone am taking pentasa tablets 8 a day and 1 enema at night for a dx of inderminate distal colitis.am finding it making my symptoms worse,espcially lots of joint pain:(.any advice anyone and would love to hear from anyone with same diagnosis thanks:-D.x


Joint pain is more likely to be from your IBD being active than from the Pentasa. It may mean you need to go on stronger medication, like prednisone or an immunosuppressant.

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When I first started taking the pentasa, I did have a hard time swallowing the pills. It took some time for me to get used to taking something of that size. But, eventually my throat and all got used to it and I don't have any trouble anymore. I'm sure that if you're having the same problems, it'll just take some time and you'll do fine too.
I had a hard time swallowing the pentasa tablets. Ask for the pentasa sachets instead they are much easier to take. My symptoms also got worse when i started the enemas. I contacted my IBD nurse so he has changed my medication.
Also i suffer with joint pain but even with change of medication its still there so im assuming its more to do with my UC rather than tablets.
Hope i helped in someway and hope you get things sorted.
Thanks for your replies:-D.yeah,i agree the joint pain prob related to the diease rather than the tablets.it is just the pain has got much sorer very quickly and in new parts of my body to:-(.i am very frustrated at my diagnosis to (inderminate distal colitis moderatly active) what does that even mean!lol;-);-):eek2:


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I was on 4 G (8 x 500mg) of 5-ASA every day for 7 years. Absolutely no evidence it did anything positive for me... it discolored my urine, it gave me GERD, it caused migraines, and leg cramps. I was AMAZED how much better I felt after coming off that drug entirely.
Zero adverse effect from coming off it. All my side effects went away, and stayed away.

Now, as for enema's... Years ago I was on high steroidal enemas. Most painful treatment ever. gut wrenching... 45 days (eer, nights of it).. but it put me in remission that lasted years... I was undiagnosed at the time, the enemas made everything go away... and I didn't give it a thought until after it all came back to bite me in the proverbial.... My understanding is... direct application this way ensures less side effects.
My pain was only in my back but looking over the years i did suffer with knee and elbow problems. This has all came back now. Including my shoulders and hands. Also had pain in my ribs but not sure if that could be asthma related. Going to get bloods done tomorrow so i am going to ask about arthritis just for peace of mind.
Thanks for all the advice and it is good to hear other peoples stories:-D.just got call from gastro dr today.my ogd showed chronic grastic inflamation with helicobater,to start eradication treatment for that.my second colonoscopy showed new inflamation in my right/left hemi colon as well as the other areas found last time.lastly my ferritain level very low:-o.will it never end and will I ever feel normal?!just want to know is it crohns or ulcerative colitis and get treated properly:-o:)