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Pentasa vs Asacol Hd vs Delzicol

I’ve been on Pentasa for 10 years. Insurance has decided not to cover Pentasa. As a result they want me to use Asacol HD or Delzicol. My Crohn’s is in the small bowel, jujuneum. Can anyone with small bowel Crohn’s tell me if they’ve tried either of these two other medications and your results/side effects?


Lady Organic

Staff member
I am not using the same medication, but from personal experience, i can only say that if one specific medication is working for you and keeping you fully in remission, try everything you can to remain on this medication:)
Thank you for the reply. Staying on Pentasa is my goal, but unfortunately my health insurance has different plans. I’m waiting on my physician to get back with me. While waiting I’d thought I’d see what experiences other people have had with two other medications. Thanks again.