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People just dont know

if anything, Crohns disease has made me stronger, I have people that don't know my daily struggles but are so opinionated about me. I didn't go to a cousins wedding, I messaged him that my health would prob keep me from being there. His response.."too bad you let your disease run your life". Now my mother thinks My husband is abusive and I'm not saying anything. and that three neighbors have brought it up to her. He is the only one who knows what I'm really dealing with everyday. I'm pretty healthy but its a lot of maintenance. I eat frequently, have a lot of gas and keep stress down. I stay away from my mother and those neighbors because they stress me out. I know whats going on but will they ever?? I have a good life and they SUCK!!!


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Good for you JoJo,I like your attitude,I hope it will stand you in good stead.To many times we here stories like yours so you're by no means alone.I'm glad you have the support of your husband.Best wishes and welcome to the forum.


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There is a lot of truth that Crohn's does make a person stronger. I have developed a pretty thick skin and when people make comments about my abilities or hinderances I let them know in no uncertain language with assertiveness. They wake up quickly to the fact that this disease is no picnic. I nearly died during the colostomy surgery from the infection, so I have nothing to lose at this point in life.
I know your right but those comments make me shrink back into my hole. I'm fine in hiding, nobody hears or smells all the gas, I can eat in peace which is what I need. I don't have to explain myself or the disease. I know social isolation isn't all good and Id want to have a job to go to and live that kind of life, but that's not for me right now. I really do good with crohns disease but those comments make me want to hide
I totally understand. I went to my work holiday party a couple weeks ago and was the only one not eating anything. Of course I got the comments, "Oh I wish I had your discipline" "Oh I wish I could be as thin as you" "Oh you're not eating? Hmm." "Man, you're really strict". ugh. They don't know that I have Crohn's. Part of me wants to tell everyone, but then another part of me feels like it's none of their business. And yet another part of me thinks it would be TMI to tell people. Do others really want to know about my intestines? I'm still fairly new to all of this and don't know what or how to tell acquaintances in random situations.