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People who don't keep their sick kids at home!

I just need to vent about this, not really expecting any responses.

I have always been a bit of a "germaphobe" and that has gotten far worse since my son was diagnosed. Especially last winter when his white blood cell count was low. I go to great lengths to avoid illness for my son.

So last night he had a friend sleep over. The friend starting vomiting in our car this morning on the way to church. When I asked if he got car sick he said "no, I've been sick lately." He had thrown up after my son's basketball game yesterday (about an hour before he came over) and has been apparently throwing up for a few days. :ymad: I was not aware of this.

His parents don't know about Johnny's condition. They don't know that he is on a medication that lowers his immune system and that a nasty stomach bug could throw him out of remission. But I am still really angry. Why would someone send their sick child to someone else's house??????

I felt like I was just getting over some of my overprotective tendencies with my son. Now I feel like I have just been thrown back into being overly careful because other people apparently have no common sense!

Do I email this mom and let her know the situation and let her know that I cannot have sick people at my house, or do I just let it go? Am I being jerk for being so mad?
C is 16 and if friends are coming over or he is going to spend the night with someone, I always mention he is on immunesuppressants and a biologic and what a tummy bug could do to him or flu/cold for that matter. The parents seem to respond to it really well and are forthcoming about any recent illness. But I've never had a situation where someone sent their sick kid anyway, that's crazy!
I guess that last sentence should read, I've never had a situation where a parent would send their kid over knowing they were sick, even before C had CD
I know right!??!! I was livid.

But my husband just shrugged and said "it happens"

I guess I need to give a heads up to the other parents. But Johnny really doesn't want anyone to know about his illness and we have been trying to respect his wishes. We just moved here so they haven't seen the effects and we haven't had to explain but maybe we should.

Just praying he doesn't get it!


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Wow did you push a button of mine. YES! Before O got sick this was a pet peeve of mine. In daycare you constantly heard of parents who had kids with high fevers dosing them up with Tylenol and Motrin just so they could get to a morning meeting or some work done. In swimming kids are always swimming sick. One kid puked in the pool and shut the meet down for hours and come to find out he had been sick the day prior.

Then O got sick and is on these drugs and you can bet I told everyone to stay away if you are sick and most everyone is hyper vigilent almost to the extreme of "Suzy has the sniffles maybe they shouldn't be together". Oh and one woman from my Bible study group told me she isn't coming Wednesday because her sister who lives with her is very sick with something the doc says is highly contagious and she doesn't want to bring the germ into my house. I offered to move the meeting but she doesn't want to expose me even. How sweet.

This weekend someone sent their daughter to a swim meet with a 103 temp oh yes and another whose child was vomittingg last night but "seems" fine today. I told her coaches to give me the high sign if anyone on our team was suspected of being sick and that I didn't expect them to send the other child home but that I would pull O from the meet.

I honestly do not know what people are thinking if not for others are you really even helping your own child? Can they really swim or learn that well when they are so under the weather.

GRR! I hope Johnny didn't catch anything. Stomach bugs are so contagious. And yes I would let that mom know...in a nice way, "I know you weren't aware but thought I would let you know for the future since the boys enjoy each others company so much and I know there will plenty more playdates/sleepovers...."
Oh my gosh!!! I run into this too. Most people are pretty good but every now and then I am baffled. We were recently invited to a friend's house for dinner and after checking if their kids were well (one of them had been ill earlier that week) they assured us that all was well. I even explained that my son was on immune suppressing drugs etc. When we arrived the host was sicker than a dog and cooking us dinner!?!?!?!?! I was super annoyed. Do they really think that we are so desperate to have dinner with them that we would like to do it even if they are sick and risk having our son get sick??? I don't understand. :voodoo::voodoo::voodoo::voodoo:

I also had my neighbors kids come over the other day and when I asked how things were going they admitted that they had been throwing up the day before. Unbelievable, I sent them home and told their mother exactly why.

I was never a germaphobe before but I sure as heck am now. I feel so bad that my son has spent so much time feeling ill in the last year that I don't even want him to get a cold, he has had enough illness to last him a lifetime.

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One thing to also keep in mind...
Vomiting for a few days may mean the kid has something chronic going on....
Which the parents didn't make you aware of escpecially since they didn't know about your child.
You really can't get mad at them for sending him.. They may have thought he was better or still investigating the cause.
I only say this because DS had chronic vomiting on and off with no rhythms or reason for months on end prior to dx . You should have seen the looks parents would give us.
We didn't tell anyone because no one knew why .

If you want to be protect him from illness than you have to give the parents the information at least in terms of . He takes meds that make it easier for him to get sick so
Please let us know if your child has been ill. Etc....

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Also talk to your Gi
We were told by cchmc when they suggested DS start 6-mp
We did not need to worry about colds or viruses only major things like chicken pox and that he would not be any sicker than the average kid - which was true while on 6-mp
And Mtx

Spend time at school - unfortunately
There are constantly vomiting children - it just is.... :(
MLP, One other boy on the basketball team has the same thing and has been sick for several days vomiting (he wasn't at the game). And we had the game at 12:00 and all left the gym and met for lunch. Their son threw up in the car on the way to lunch. (They never told us this) We had lunch together and then they drop him off at our house at 4pm. He also had been throwing up the day before that. So, it seems this is the way this virus acts, and they knew he was still throwing up. He was mortified when he threw up in our car. Practically on my daughter sitting in the middle of the back seat.

So I am mad they put him through that and possibly all of us getting sick too. I understand what you are saying about kids who are chronically ill and you may not get an explanation but this kid had the stomach flu and the parents just took a very blaze' attitude about it.
I agree, this is a pet peeve of mine too!!!! Even before Brian was diagnosed I always cringed at the whole 'Award for no absences from school' thing at the end of the school year. I'd always want to loudly "BOOOO" them as they approached the stage. That's just an award for parents who send their kids to school with germs!!!

Basketball is a game where Everyone touches the ball! I wish I was one of the naive parents that can so casually treat illnesses. Brian is also a kid that can flare with an illness. Then he loses like 5-7 lbs. Such a headache. Being a germophobe is hard work!!! I hate it, but you natrually become one because if you don't our immunocompromised kids will be sick often.

And I hear you about Johnny not wanting to broadcast his situation. They don't want to be or feel 'different'. I had a couple neighbors that know about Brian's crohns...and one of them still sent their son over with possible strep throat! A family member had a kid with mono and still came to a birthday party. Other parents...even family just DON'T GET IT!!
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I would say something. I don't have a mute button ever. I try to be as nice about it as I can but unfortunately once a kid is puking the contagious factor was there even more in the days prior from the vomiting symptoms. That being said I tell people all the time and my kid still gets sick bc they played the day before the symptoms showed up.

Some people don't see what we all deal with and don't think the flu vaccination is important, or many others for that matter. I am so strict if you haven't had a flu shot and its flu season I don't even see these people in the winter. But I live in a bubble. The infectious disease doctors understand the bubble but don't recommend it either. That being said they also understand completely why we have the bubble.

The big question is when is the right time to let them out of the bubble. I call that time spring. :)
For all the proactive measures I take to ensure C isn't around the flu or tummy bugs, it is easily undone by the antics of a 16 year old boy. Playing football in December in the rain in his socks, or we all dared each other to jump in the lake since it was so cold, the list goes on and on. For each old wives tale about catching flu/virus/cold C has done his best to debunk it! Ugghh!
I sometimes think it would be easier to live in a non-urban place, I live in a European city, it's not easy to "get away" from people here.

You would hate rats, I was reading, most of the resistant bacteria in Germany come from none other than rats, they carry resistant E Coli, resistant campylobacter, lots of zoonotic pathogens, rats killed half of Europe in the middle ages, the plague, they are still infecting humans today, they're purely urban city rats, not found in other regions in Germany.
I know lots of parents that work and send their kids to school sick, it wasn't until Ella was immunocompromised that it dawned on me how selfish people are to do that. Especially as Ella may not be the only child at school vulnerable.

I work from home and have a room turned into a hair salon and it has been a nightmare with clients coming in sick, I'm a single parent trying to support myself and child so have to work. I have to keep Ella up stairs until I know clients are 'germ free'. I'm forever spraying antibacterial spray on door handles etc.
I was a preschool teacher. I saw this first hand all the time.
They would bring their kids and I could tell by they time they got in the door something was wrong. The child would be quiet and the parent would get out a fast as possible.
I had to call a mom once and say when you left, I took your kids temp and it's 103. Did you know this? The mom's reply, I have to work to make a living. I can't keep him home with every Little sniffle. I said come pick him up and she took 3 hrs to get their and he was at 104.
My secret weapon has been our school nurse. I'm sure she could get in trouble for this, but we've become good friends over the years and she always gives me a call when she starts seeing high absences or stomach bugs going around. She'll say things like, "Tell Lukas to wash his hands after English tomorrow"... which is secret code for someone in his English class is pretty sick. Every once in a while, she might slip a name or two if she's really concerned for us. Sometimes I know a kid is sick before their parents do!

If I'm not mistaken, you can also add a communication bit into your child's health care plan, IEP, or 504 plan to get a heads up when highly contagious things start flying around the schools.
Agree Mehita!!

The nurse has been really great. We had someone with Pertussis at school this fall and she went through and checked to make sure this child wasn't in any of Johnny's classes and didn't ride his bus. Our pediatrician wanted Johnny on an antibiotic if he was in close contact and because they couldn't release the name she did the checking for us. She has been great about snacks too. Johnny's math teacher was giving him a hard time about having a snack in her class (he goes 6 hours before lunch) and the nurse talked to her and he hasn't had an issue since. Very nice to have her helping us out. :)

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this is why you really need a 504 plan

it helps with testing, snacks, doc appts, bathroom visits etc..
which become more critical when they are in highschool and the school wants the parents less involved.

we have one and no one questions anything including naps or the need not to test the day after an infusion.
all this reminds me why i said NO to going on to AZA , even being a adult with children i still stay cautious to others that are showing signs of being ill.

what worries me more are the stupid people out there that say nothing when there kids are ill and then send them where ever just so they can go out to work, whats happened to putting your children first before everything especially yourself !

just to prove the point , a month a go i managed to pick up shingles from some one - just sooo glad im not on the AZA .

I will say that although I am extra careful because Johnny is on 6mp that in reality I think he was much more vulnerable when he was undiagnosed and not on any medication. Those last few months before his diagnosis his body was so run down that he caught everything. Was even hospitalized for an ear infection that got way out of hand. I don't know your personal situation but he is far healthier now that his crohn's is treated.

I think my main issue with parents who don't keep their sick kids at home is that he already has so many days he isn't feeling well, I just don't want him to be sick on top of that because another parent made a poor choice. Of course you will run into sick people and that is just part of things but I do agree that there is that very small percentage of the population that is just plain inconsiderate.

Sorry to hear about the shingles. How are you feeling now?
I have the same problem but with my MIL ....she comes over sick all the time.

A few days ago she rang and said she had diarrhea was sweating and generally feeling unwell .....then yesterday she shows up with my BIL....:yfaint:...i made sure my daughter stayed in her room.

I've told her to keep away when shes sick but it doesn't work..:ymad:
OMG this is one of my biggest pet peeves. I am def a germaphobe because of Devynn's disease as well. Actually thats not entirely true.. I've always been one lol My older son had chronic asthma as a child and ended up in the hosp a few times a year. So I was a germ freak back then too lol. BUT I work in both a kindergarten classroom, and a daycare with kindergarten to grade 2 students. It makes me completely insane how many kids come to school/daycare very obviously sick. I can't count the number of times the child has told me they have been vomiting for days :eek:, or before school and the parents give them tylenol and send them anyways. This year (since Sept) seems to be the worst yet. The classroom I work in has had a HORRIBLE flu going around and around. We send kids home one day, and they are back the next only to get sent home again. One child I sent home at lunch time and the parents cleaned him up (he had vomited all over himself) :eek2: and brought him back to school! He was pale and sick as a dog. I just don't get it. I can't imagine sending my kids to school sick. For one, I can't imagine how they would feel having to go to school and function feeling sick. But I also would never want them to pass it on.
Sometimes people suck! :ymad::ymad:

i really do agree with what you say , before i was found to have crohns i also seemed to pick up any bug that was about, but since i have been on the meds and sorted out what foods i can/cant eat i have been feeling really good.

exception being christmas where eating the wrong foods ( beef in my case) did put me down for a week but it was self inflicted.

as to the shingles -
it started two months a go where i had a bit of a itchy rash form on my back in the T10 area, didnt think anything of it.
then a few weeks later came the pain also in the T10 area but at the front,
i thought it was the crohns giving me a reminder that it was still there,
it was actually my wife that realised what it was, so a trip to the docs who put me on a anti depresant - to stop the pain ( strange as it may seem) but it did work.

no more pain but the rash has actually spread, i have been told it can take upto a year to go away :(
Nasty thing, shingles. Someone else on the Forum - Jaano711 , I think - has shingles at the moment, too.
Nevilletanner, you are right, it does vary from person to person, my Mom is on Remicade and MTX and ended up with the shingles last year. It took about 3 months for it to completely go away for her(rash wise) the pain was treated much quicker. I hope you have a speedy recovery!

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Shingles is contagious and can be spread from an affected person to babies, children, or adults who have not had chickenpox. But instead of developing shingles, these people develop chickenpox. Once they have had chickenpox, people cannot catch shingles (or contract the virus) from someone else. Once infected, however, people have the potential to develop shingles later in life.

Shingles is contagious to people who have not previously had chickenpox, as long as there are new blisters forming and old blisters healing.


Sorry you have shingles but as stated above you can't catch shingles from someone.
Shingles occur in someone who has already had chicken pox that has laid dormant in their system .
You can however spread chicken pox to others who have not had it when you have shingles.

They are very painful so hopefully the doc gave you meds to clear them up quickly.

We had a concern when DH broke out in shingles and DS was on 6- mp
But it did not become an issue thankfully.
i stand corrected ..

yes its painfull, but amytriptoline (anti depressant) works a treat at stopping the pain, first of all i tried my DHC tablets but all thay done was make me feel drunk and light headed (they always do this to me).

doctor said that dhc wouldnt work as the virus lives in the nerve hense painkillers are next to useless .. didnt click when she said it lived in the nerve..
As a germophobe and Crohn's sufferer, I feel your pain. I would certainly tell this kid's parents how upsetting this was, regardless of whether you tell them about your son's condition. It is incomprehensible to me that someone would send a sick kid to someone else's house. Especially a stomach bug!! They can be contagious for 5-7 days after the vomiting stops. How awful for you. I would be likely to read those parents the riot act! I hope you all stay well.


To save time...Ask Dusty!
I guess keeping EJ's illness a secret was never really an option for us since he was in school during his initial flare and the myriad dr. appts needed to get his dx. We make sure all of EJ's friend's parents especially understand his need to stay away from sick children. Still, in a public school environment, there's no possible way to keep them away from children with some sort of illness. Overall, I'd say that EJ misses far fewer days than the average so we've been blessed so far! We have been told to pull EJ out if there's a flu outbreak but what constitutes an outbreak???


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Yeah, our school nurse is a treasure as well. She is on top of everything and calls me as well. I never know the child but am aware something is a brewing. O's teachers also move her sitting assignment if someone near her is looking peakid. In middle school it isn't as much of an issue as they aren't all over each other, sharing toys, only on class for 45 minutes...not like elementary school.

We have a 24 hour fever/vomit/diarhea free rule. One time at day care parents were called for fever at 1 p.m.. They brought the kid back at 1 p.m. the next day. Like really?! The fever broke as you left the building?

I also agree that O is way healthier now that she is heading toward remission and remarkably is the healthiest one in the house. Sadly we have teachers at our school undergoing chemo and parents as well. One teacher had an organ transplant so I am so hyper aware of the germ issue and careful not to expose them.
I was going to quote the same thing and then saw you did. You certainly cannot catch shingles but can give chicken pox to someone who has never had it when you have shingles. I know that firsthand as I caught shingles and gave my two youngest the chicken pox. Not fun but glad they had it and got it over with.
You are all Absolutly right about this! I am a total germaphobe. In fact my Mom took my kids to a program for kids in her complex over the break. There was a kid there coughing the whole time. My Mom ended up sick and then gave it to my Dad who is currently on steroids for an illness he has. He got so sick he almost ended up in the hospital. ( they gave him fluids and decided not to admit him because of the worse germs there). I was so mad at that mom that let her child go to the program. She knew he was obviously sick! I told my Mom next time politely say something to them or have the person running the program say something if your child or you are sick they belong at home.


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Oh man, what I have seen over the years when it comes to kids going to school, your home etc when they are sick. I came to the conclusion that for some parents as long their child had a heartbeat and a pulse it was open slather! And for some even knowing there is an increased risk with another child they really don't give a stuff.

Before my kids were diagnosed I always said something if I knew someone sent their child to my home with an illness. As far as I am concerned it is a lack of respect for me and a lack of respect for their own child. Who doesn't want their own bed and creature comforts when they are unwell? You aren't overreacting Mum. :)

As to the immunosuppressants, I have instructed Sarah and Matt to be vigilant when it comes to hygiene. They are both in situations now where they are exposed to large populations of people and Sarah particularly so, a very large university and often public transport. Fortunately they both appear to not suffer with more infections than the norm and I would even venture to say it is less and of shorter duration.

I hope Johnny didn't pick anything up. Good Luck!

Dusty. xxx
Guess who is in bed, clutching his vomit bucket and crying?????

UGH. If I could only tell you how hard it has been to get this poor kid to gain weight!

I have typed up my little email to the mom:voodoo:
Oh no... I have a mind to fly out to Ohio and knock some heads! Who's with me?

I tried to call the school nurse today to update her on Lukas. She was swamped with sick kids. Two to a bed and trickling into the office.
We are currently in the bubble. I was supposed to send Rowan back to preschool today probably will not tomorrow or next week either. It's just preschool right. I can home school preschool. ;). I don't live far from OH. I have a wicked punch I have been wanting to throw at someone, but I defiantly need a getaway car and an alibi, and a babysitter willing to deal with my insane kids. It is doable though!
Ok, so fever now of 102. Do I give him his meds tonight?

He hasn't vomited for an hour so hoping that may have stopped and I don't want to get it started again.

Also, do I need to call the Dr. or nurse with a fever that high? (Johnny almost never has a fever.)
I would be okay waiting till tomorrow. But should I call tonight??? I know it is just a virus but how bad can it get with him on 6mp?
If I am so worried, I call just so I can sleep. Rowan never did very well with Tylenol keeping her fevers at bay when she had UC. Granted she never got relief and was in a constant flare. I would have to pack her with ice during a flare but with a virus it always kept it down very well. So I would say if it keeps it down for 6 hours, your good. If you want an opinion for what to do if his fever escalates I would call so your not calling at 3am and stressed out. You know do what you want to do. You know him best momma.:rosette2:
I haven't given him any tylenol, he doesn't want to start vomiting again. He has had a couple sips of gatorade and kept it down. Says his arm is tingling??? I know it is silly, because it is probably some normal-arm-fell-asleep-thing but I freak out whenever my kids mention any weird new thing. Will the day ever come when we don't worry about everything?

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I would call have called the on call when DS fever was over 101.
First time I didn't know why but after discussing with on call Gi. We decided he could avoid ER as long as a ped saw him.
Second time I knew why so went directly to ped and gave the follow up info to Gi so they were in the loop.
The important thing we were told was figuring out if there was a known reason for the fever vs unknown infection/Ibd flare etc. and to make sure an MD checked him over just to be on the safe side.

So call worst case you have to take him in. Best case stay at home and see ped in the am .
Maybe in call Gi will call in zofran to help with vomiting


To save time...Ask Dusty!
I hope things are better for him this morning! Did you call?? I would also want to know from his friend's mom how long it took to run its course with him. If there's the slightest chance it's the flu you need to get on top of it.
Hope Johnny is better today....that gastro virus that is going around is nasty on non-IBDer's! Is his fever down? Still vomiting? Sending healing vibes your way. Kim
I called this morning. She hasn't gotten back to me yet. I am not sure if it is because Cincinnati children's is a much bigger hospital but I always got Johnny's nurse on the phone at Helen DeVos. I am sure she will call back sometime today.

He is sleeping now and was only up twice during the night. No more vomiting but feels sick unless he lays very still. I didn't give him his 6mp last night. He takes them every other day so I figure I can give them this morning and still keep him on schedule.

Fever went up to 103 around 10pm but at 2 am was down to 101. This morning at 6am it was 99. He hasn't taken any tylenol. He didn't want to get sick again and said he would rather deal with the fever than the vomiting. I agree!

I am interested to hear what the nurse thinks. The boy he caught it from never had a fever and Johnny rarely has one. This is his first fever since he was diagnosed in October 2011. So I don't know if his body is reacting a bit more because of his immune system? He had the stomach flu on Dec. 21 and it was normal course, no fever. He has been very pale lately and had a bit of a sore throat right after Christmas. I wondered if his WBC wasn't low again. He is suppose to get labs in about 2 weeks.

Thank you for prayers, good vibes, well wishes, and advice. (And the offer to knock some heads) :)You guys are awesome and much appreciated.
I know this is not something that kids ever want us to do. But what about Tylenol via suppositories? I know you have to ask for them from the pharmacist. This way you don't have to worry about dehydration from the fevers. No one likes to do it but sometimes it is needed.
That is a great idea Mary, I hadn't thought of that.

Johnny is surprisingly good about that kind of stuff. Probably from years of constipation, enemas, suppositories, and now various exams.

Just waiting for him to wake up.
So the nurse called and mentioned a few things I found interesting.
She said we were right not to give him his 6mp, as it should be stopped with fever (no one ever mentioned that to me) She did say not to go more than a couple days of skipping the 6mp.
She also said the high fever (103) was probably a virus. They get a little more worried with a lower grade fever.

Johnny's fever is now completely gone. I wonder if it disappeared so quickly because he didn't have any meds in him to take the fever away???? Does anyone know if using Advil or Tylenol for a fever makes the fever last longer?

He had some soup, gatorade and crackers so things are looking good.:thumleft:
I have been on Infliximab, and am now on azathioprine,I work in Mental Health and of course with lots of elderly people,going to there homes to give medication,I have been fronted with people with sickness and Diarrhoa,chest infections,yes shingles,Noro virus.coughs colds you name it i have been confronted with it all,and of course most of the time you do to realise people have these things till you are well and truly in there homes,I have also had to clean people up with severe Diarrhoa,not a nice job when they are elderly with dementia,but just to say I am immuno suppressed and have been for quite a lot of years,also developed Neutropenia through a silly Gastro going the full hog giving me large amounts of azathioprine (imuran)when it should of been introduced slowly.What I am trying to say is not yet have I been hit with any llnesses or picked up any viruses,so it just goes to show,we are all pretty tough cookies and he chances are most of the times we as Crohnies won't pick up anything.

trish x


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I'm sorry I am late to this Johnnysmom...:hug:

It is so good to hear that things are settling again for your lad, bless him...:heart:...and such a worrying time for you...:ghug:

Yes, immunosuppressants should be stopped for a short time if infection is present. Now this is only my rule of thumb so don't take it as advice but I generally don't call with an infection under 38.5 (101.3) unless it is persistent. I call for 38.5 and over if the temp doesn't respond to say 2 treatments of Panadol (Tylenol). Once the temp starts heading up to 39.5 (103.1) and there is no response after one dose of Panadol then I call.

I hope things continue to improve. Good luck!

Dusty. xxx
I know I'm late to the party here, but this is a pet peeve of mine too!

People are very thoughtless when it comes to illness. Parents give their kids meds and send them on to school or bring them over to get-togethers. I've been watching a ball game with friends only to have one chime up and go "Oh I had to take so-and-so to the doc yesterday and he's got strept....meanwhile so-and-so is playing in my son's room. Great! Even my family used to show up sick, but they have gotten better. Plus we ask now!

We don't do much at all anymore especially during the winter. And if we do, we call and ask if anyone's sick. My son has become a germaphobe with hand gel in his pocket and chapped hands from washing. I guess whatever works, right?

Off that soapbox for now!
The boy who stayed over and was sick in my car stopped by last night with his parents. They dropped of a snack (which I found a little odd) and a card. The card said "Thank you so much for taking care of Daniel the other day, I hope he didn't ruin the interior of your new car" :puke_r:(Did I mention I had gotten a new about 3 weeks ago?) I thought is was a nice gesture but a little annoyed she did just say, "Sorry we sent our son over sick, bad call on our part, we sure hope Johnny is feeling better soon." Ugh pissed off all over again.

Time to get over it I guess.
I don't blame you for feeling so annoyed. That is really not nice and if it were me that would be a friendship I would no longer encourage. A parent that irresponsible is not going to change. Did you send the email explaining why Johnny needs to be extra careful? If you did and this is the way she handled it then my child would no longer be hanging out with that child! Ugh now I am angry for you!
They are even rude here in the hospital. Like I know it is a hospital but if you kid is sneezing and doesn't know how to cover his face get him the heck out of the toy room. My kids going into surgery and having a abdominal operation the last thing she needs is to sneeze or cough. I mean come on you have been admitted have a little respect for the other kids around you. Jerks.

I would be annoyed with the card as well. I would send them a sympathy card for being so damn stupid, explaining the reality of the situation.


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New York, USA
I'm the one who is immuocompromised at home....but the week before Christmas my daughter was sick with a bug...ran a temperature, threw up etc.....kept her home, even though she was feeling better after 2 days out of schoola nd being sick all weekend - made sure she had no temp for 24 hours and then only let her go to school for a couple hours (supervised with her father) to get her Christmas projects...that evening had a low-grade temp again, so back at home for another full day!.....Had a good vacation, then last week one night - of course when my husband was out of town! - about 1130pm she tells me her tummy hurt...then about 1230 comes in crying - she had thrown up in her bed and all over.....soooo....another day home even though there was no temperature etc associated with the vomiting.....

My rule of thumb (right or wrong)....temperature, no school for at least 24 hours after the temp is normal...throwing up - no school for 24 hours if no temp involved....AND has to be acting normally.....

I try to stay away from sick people at work - but it can be very hard, especially when I can interact with literally hundreds of people in a day.....the best I can do is try to keep my own hands and work area clear....worked fairly well so far !
Johnny is feeling much better. Got a terrible sore throat on Wednesday and I had to take him in for a strep test. (It was negative). I am a little concerned about low WBC because he has had the sore throat on and off all month. His pediatrician did say that there is a bad virus going around that produces a very sore throat, hopefully that is all it is. We have labs in two weeks so we shall see then.

He has lost 9 lbs :( We were working so hard to gain weight I cannot imagine now having another 9lbs to put on. Ugh! But at least he is feeling better and the appetite is back.
Johnnysmom, glad he is starting to feel better. I sure know about the sore throat virus, my oldest has been fighting a virus with fever, cough, sore throat and headache for a few days.

She's a giving child...she gave me excuses when I first asked her to go to urgent care, she gave me a fit when she had to sit and wait so long to be seen, she gave me the sad puppy dog eyes and voice when she wanted me to drive to her college town and bring her home, upon arrival she gave me a doc/pharmacy bill but her most giving act would have to be this flu funk she has passed along!!! I wanted to raise giving children but sheesh...enough already!!

I have quarantined C and her to their bedrooms, and I'm bleaching, lysoling everything. Still I woke up this morning with the beginnings of it...blech!


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Thanks for the update Johnnysmom. :)

It is so good to hear that he feeling better and I so hope it continues that way hun...:hug:..I hate the weight loss too! My two are like whippets and I often look at them and think, I just wish you had a little more meat on your bones for a rainy day! (((sigh)))

Good luck with the labs! :goodluck:

@Clash...Yikes! I hope you and C dodge the bullet! Sending loads of luck and healing thoughts your way and hoping it soon passes for the prodigal daughter! :goodluck:

Dusty. xxx