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Perforated colon and getting ready to start humira or imuran?

Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and I must say, I am so glad I have found it. Now on to my question...

A month ago after taking a trip to the hospital it was discovered that I had a small perforation in my colon. It was small enough that the only treatment I endured was four days worth of IV anti-biotics and then two weeks of oral anti-biotics. My GI referred to it as a "pre-abscess"...whatever that means. Anyway, here we are a month later and my GI is getting ready to start me on Humira, though I am going to discuss Imuran as a starting point. He hasn't mentioned doing another CT scan to determine whether the perforation has healed and I am a little concerned that if it isn't healed and I start one of these medications that the infection I had could go crazy.

Does anyone have any experience with something like this? Also, should I push having a scan done first? I am dealing with severe inflammation due to the Crohns disease and I am anxious to start treating it.


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Hi malone and :welcome:

Sorry to hear about your problems. :(

Just a couple of questions:

Where is your Crohns and fistula located?

Are you on any medication at present?

What symptoms do you have now?

Dusty. xxx
I had a perforated colon - had to have emergency resection. They watched to see if I went into remission, but I didn't, and now they want to put me on humira or remicade. Good to know they caught yours before you had to have major surgery.
Here's some background info...lol.

I was diagnosed in 2005 shortly after turning 22. To date I have not had any surgeries...knock on wood. My Crohns seems to be contained to my small bowel, but I'll admit, I'm not as educated about my condition as I should be. I go to the GI tomorrow and I have a long list of questions for him...after years of suffering I am finally taking a stand and taking control.

Currently I am on Pentasa and Entocort and for a short time in 2009 I was on Remicade but found no relief with it. The biggest part of my problems started three years ago with severe bloating, pain in my upper right side that radiated towards my back, nausea, vomiting, severe diarehia followed by bouts of constipation, and a lack of appetite. When I was diagnosed in 2005 I did not experience the bloating or the upper right sided pain and after realizing the Remicade really wasn't making me feel better I finally got my GI to admit it could be my gall bladder. We never got around to doing a HIDA scan because I had back to back pregnancies. I am bringing the scan up tomorrow at my appointment. Once again I think it's the majority of my problems.

Believe it or not I have had very little pain with the perforation. I was hospitalized for four days with it and only had two doses of morphine and that was mainly because the nurses insisted upon it. I'm still having what seem to be gall bladder related issues as they appear after I eat large meals and disappear after a day or two.

I do know that I have severe inflammation in my small bowel so obviously my Crohns disease is not under control and apparently the Pentasa and Entocort aren't working. I think the gall bladder issues are just worse than the other issues so I'm not really noticing them as much. This is why I am concerned about starting Humira or Imuran, I don't want to make the issue worse.


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So they haven't moved you onto Prednisone and Flagyl to deal with the severe inflammation ? Have they even mentioned it before commencing a biologic?

Dusty. xxx
I was on a generic form of Flagyl for two weeks after my hospitalization. They said it would help some with the inflammation but the hopes were that it would close the perforation. I haven't had any of the Flagyl for over a week and a part of me wonders if the perforation is fully closed and whether starting on humira or imuran is wise until we know for sure.


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Imuran won't be a problem with infection or a perforation.

If you don't have an abscess or underlying infection elsewhere then Humira won't be a problem either.

Dusty. xxx