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Perianal Abcess and Anal Fistula journey to date. (New to forum)

Hi all you brave people.

My ordeal and learnings of perinal abcess started in Jan 2021 and hasn't really stopped (18 months later).

Mine came (well I think) from a carnival ride where my whole body left the roller-coaster seat and crashed back down on my bum.
I remember getting off with a sore bum.
In the days following I was very sore there and I assumed it was bruising.
2 weeks later, there was a lump.
Long story short, it was a very large PA which was cut open and drained.
I was in pain at home for 2 weeks and thought that was it. (Was bad enough)

4 months later another one came with fistula which I was warned could happen.
Pre operation was bad and got rushed to emergency but after procedure was good.
Went home...felt better in 2 weeks.

The wound healed (90%) but as I became more mobile it kept opening up and draining.
It got infected once (8 weeks ago) I went to antibiotics and it 90% cleared up and healed again.

It has since opened back up (-the wound) and discharge.

Back on antibiotics today.

I've been up and down mentally but I'm starting to get worse now.

My hips have been hurting also for 6 months which surgeon says unrelated.
Some days is ok (go for 10 mon jog or walk around shopping centre) others I can't leave house.
People at work notice my limp now and think it's a sore back.

I'm on here to support others and get information.

I'm getting tested for Crohns in 2 weeks.

my little penguin

Staff member
Tested for crohns ?
Upper and lower endoscopy, mri with entography, and capsule endoscopy are testing for crohns.
arthritis can be related to crohns
Rheumatologist would need to be seen for that (spondyloarthritis associated with inflammatory bowel disease )
Yes. Getting tested in 2weeks.
I have had sore hips for 6 months. Came out of nowhere.
Some days good, some bad.
I feel so much older than I am.

Today's issue is the draining of wound...feels infected (pussier than usual)

I feel for my wife, she great support after 2 x ops with dressings etc, now she's over it too.
When I talk to her about it she puts her head in her phone.

Sick of this situation.

my little penguin

Staff member
Good news if it is crohns
Remicade (infusion) has a high success rate for perianal abscess /fistulas
My child was dx with crohns at age 7
Started remicade at age 8 (no issues )
Dx with arthritis associated with inflammatory bowel disease at age 10
Now is 18 and on Stelara plus methotrexate
Intestines healthy and joints doing better
So it is possible
Getting dx and the right med combo is key
Doc put me on Augmentin/Omexcllion for a 5 day course.

Says if fever etc...go to hospital.
I don't feel to bad.
It's just leaking a he'll of a slot and tender.
My problem is the bloody abcess wound heals well and then re opens after a sudden movement.
Startts draining again and takes months to heal again.