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Perianal Abscess Wound That Won't Heal After 9 Months

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this website. I'm starting this thread because I have been searching these forums for months but haven't quite found someone in my same situation (though there are some similar ones).

I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease in June of 2017, and over the month following my diagnoses began to feel intense pain in my behind area. I went to doctors for help but they thought I just had a hemorrhoid. Finally, after weeks of this intense pain I developed a fever and was very faint, and decided to go to the ER. They did a CAT scan and found that I had a pretty deep perirectal abscess. They had me stay the night to try to get my fever down and then drained it the next day. The doctor said it was the size of a small fist, and had me stay in the hospital another night. When I was released, I was told to pack the wound twice daily and had follow up visits every two weeks. At first, it healed quickly. But once it got to about 8 centimeters deep, it began to heal into a narrow tunnel (maybe 1 centimeter wide), and stay that way.
It has been 9 months since the drainage procedure, and my wound is now at 6-7 centimeters deep, nearly 1 centimeter wide. It has been this same depth for the last 4 months. My original surgeon had me start seeing a colorectal surgeon a few weeks into the healing process. When the colorectal surgeon noticed that the wound was not healing and was still draining a lot, he had me get a fistulagram (which was a pretty crazy experience!). However, the fistulagram showed that I did not have a fistula. My colorectal surgeon then suggested I start going to a wound care specialist, since he couldn't figure out what to do. So, for the past 5 months or so, I have been going to a wound care center regularly (in addition to monthly appointments with my colorectal surgeon). I am still packing the wound twice a day, and the wound specialist cleans and occassionally cotorizes it to aid the healing process as well. The wound is still draining enough so that I need to wear a sanitary pad 24/7. The wound care specialist has no idea how to help beyond these regular appointment cleanings and twice-daily packings.

I should also note that my GI had put me on Lialda initially when I was first diagnosed, and it worked very well. My symptoms, apart from the wound, nearly stopped completely. However, my colorectal surgeon and wound care specialist urged me to go on Humira to help with the wound healing, describing it as almost a magical fix. I spoke with my GI and he reluctantly prescribed me the Humira. I've been on it for a couple of months now, and unfortunately, my wound has stayed the same. I am so disappointed.

Luckily, I am able to pack the wound myself (I just use a mirror and twist around to do it) at this point. I have made this a small part of my life. But I am concerned by the whole mystery of this situation. My doctors really have no idea how to help, and the Humira isn't working as they said it would.

Does anyone have advice?

Lynda Lynda

:welcome: I wish I had an answer for you.
There will be someone on this forum who probably knows about your issue or a similar issue. Sending you my support. ❤


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Hi arlopup,

I'm not sure if this may have to do with your medications. Your immune system is most likely affected by them. The main thing is that you are being monitored by a wound care specialist and it doesn't sound as if there is any significant infection, yet. I would call and ask ask the GI doctors office about if this could be a side effect of something you are taking. Good luck.

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You may have to go on antibiotics by iv. Ask your doctor. How often do you get the Humira? You may have to increase how often you get the humira.
Hello! Not really sure if it'll help but I'll tell you our experience. My husband was diagnosed 5 years ago. Started Humira a year after being diagnosed, for 4 years he had almost no symptoms at all... then 6 months ago he got an abscess which had to be drained, then they found the had a fistula and two weeks ago he had a fistulectomy done...ended up with a huge wound that is supposed to heal from inside out. He packs the wound by himself just like you, but he does it about 10 times a day because he's in the middle of a flare up right now... He's always had a very slow healing in wounds so we were quite nervous about this huge one...we've been doing some "extra" things to make it heal faster (we asked his surgeon and he said it was fine)..we've been using raw honey straight on the wound once a day. And he's been drinking an arnica tea... I just checked on him today and I can see it's healing nicely. I don't know how this can help, just thought I could share maybe you can give it a go. Good luck


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I have heard of arnica, it is sometimes used after surgery to supposedly promote healing and apparently it also helps to ease inflammation. I only say supposedly because I have no study handy to show it does anything. That doesn't mean it doesn't work though. As with all treatments, the use of herbs should be discussed the doctor before hand. Other than that, I hope it helps. Cheers!
Thank you, Karinamtz6 and cmack! I'm going to bring up the raw honey and arnica to my doctor the next time I am there. I've never heard of arnica, but I just looked it up and it seems like it has a lot of healing properties. I have to make a trip to the health store.


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I remember having to do the packing myself, when I was recovering enough to go on a camping trip and it was no easy task. Consider taking herbals along with the treatments. Turmeric is an anti inflammatory. I mix a teaspoon into a glass of cold water half way between breakfast and lunch and has done me wonders for the past year.