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Perianal abscess

I got my first abscess 4 years ago. I started to get them again about 2 months ago and it went away, but I now have what seem like 3 in one area and it is very painful. I don't know what to do and am seeking help. Can anyone advise me for pain relief? I have pain meds but I am a mother of 3 and I cannot be on pain killers all day. My Dr sent me to a specialist for a colonoscopy but that isn't till next month. Also I have done some research and it seems like maybe I have Crohns but my Dr hasn't diagnosed me with it. Can you please advise for any tips to help me get through this painful season, thank you.
You should be referred to a surgeon who is familiar with using seton ( string )
which is fed through your anus + looped through the fisture.
The body wants to remove the string from the body, so it repairs the area as it moves string. After around six + months or so, the string(s) are removed by the surgeon. This is the basics as i remember.

I had three at once several years ago. (And a couple prior where they were just 'cut') Suture string not pleasant but better + more permanent than just cutting. I was back at work day after op.
Shower/ wash area after every movement after op.

Azathiroprine. Salazaphyrine ( spelling )
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