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Perianal abscess

Hi so I don’t really know where to start. I don’t have crohns, I’m so sorry for you all suffering.

A couple of months ago I felt a lump, just under my vagina. I ignored it. This weekend it came back. It felt so large (probably wasn’t) it just hurt to do everything. So I had a hot shower and after, I lay down and had a feel, I pushed on the lump gently and pus came out of my anus (tmi) I did it again and more came out and I think I got a good bit out.

I haven’t told anyone about this, especially after reading some horror stories. I avoid doctors especially hospitals. I’m so embarrassed about this, im scared to go to the doctor incase she sends me to hospital to get it drained, I hate the thought of anyone looking at me ‘there’

I know I shouldn’t be full of so much pride but I really feel so disgusting and ashamed I suppose and I don’t know what to do.

I’m just trying to reach out.

Is it good that it drained on its own?
I just had surgery to check out a perianal Abscess, it was actually a fistula, I now have a seton.

At first it was weird. I am 43 and have never had anything placed in my nether regions. I am not ashamed or disgusted to say I feel like Marcellus Wallace in Pulp fiction on my 2nd day out of surgery.

You just have to swallow your pride. it's time for you to go to the doctor. You don't want sepsis and if its a fistula, it wont heal on its own.


Jeremy, the 43 year old man who wears feminine pads to control drainage from a seton that is draining out of "that area"
Aw thank you! I’m so sorry if I sound so stuck up!

I may as well be honest.. I was assaulted last year and from then.. I just don’t want to be touched by the opposite sex. I know it’s irritational to think this way. This is honestly the first time I’ve actually spoken about it.

The process from I’ve gsthrted, I go to my doctor and she’ll send me to a&e to get it drained. I don’t want to turn into a drama queen and refuse to let a male touch me or break down and tell more people.

I feel silly!

I’m so sorry you have to go through this right now Jeremy, the 43 year old who knows what’s good for him!
I'm very sorry you were assaulted. Your thoughts are not irrational at all. Request a female Dr and try to explain to them why you are hesitant, what concerns you and how you feel.

Your health care is important. Standing up for yourself is super important as well. If you are here, on these boards, you are suffering.

Suffering is unavoidable but manageable. I hope you find a Dr. that you are comfortable enough around to get your problem looked at. I also think therapist are awesome.

This stuff is pretty serious. I just take it seriously, probably too much so.

I have found great information on these boards.
You know what, I keep telling myself things just happen and you get on with it. I have been getting on with it. Because I haven’t had to be so close to people if you get me?

Anyway.. I actually can’t get seen by a female doctor until the first week of November. I’m in the UK!

I feel great now though? I still have my appointment. I don’t feel any pain and I don’t feel ill. I’m only 27

It’s actually been great speaking to someone about this and thank you for listening! How are you feeling these days?
Hey, I feel your pain!

I'm a 29 year old female who's also been assaulted by a man, so believe me when I say I understand your concern. I had the same concerns myself.

Tbh the only reason I even let a man examine me for my perianal abscess is because by the time I swallowed my pride, I had sepsis and was on the verge of dying. Please don't let it get that far for you!

In the UK, a female nurse will be present for any examination done on your nether regions by a male doctor. You can absolutely request a female doctor but unfortunately there are no guarantees you'll get one.

I really do understand the trauma involved with that, and also the embarrassment, but you need to get it checked. You don't have to divulge details of your trauma but you can always tell the nurse with you that you're a little afraid of men and would it be possible for her to chat to you while the examination is happening to distract you?

Please do get yourself checked out though, don't leave it as long as I did!
Thank you for replying! That’s such a nice message!

I’m just not confident enough to actually open up but I also don’t want to sound like a special princess who feels she deserves certain treatment or whatever. It’s very different behind a computer screen.

How are you?

Thank you again for such a reply you really don’t know what it means. I’m on two types of antibiotics and they may be draining me but I do feel good otherwise.

The abscess never broke the skin but did drain a lot of pus from my anus and the lump under my skin seems to be getting smaller and smaller.

I really hope you’re having a good day ❤
Thank you for replying! That’s such a nice message!

I’m just not confident enough to actually open up but I also don’t want to sound like a special princess who feels she deserves certain treatment or whatever. It’s very different behind a computer screen.

How are you?

Thank you again for such a reply you really don’t know what it means. I’m on two types of antibiotics and they may be draining me but I do feel good otherwise.

The abscess never broke the skin but did drain a lot of pus from my anus and the lump under my skin seems to be getting smaller and smaller.

I really hope you’re having a good day ❤

You don't ever need to feel like a princess. Trauma is normal if you've been assaulted, and we can't control how our trauma manifests. You're doing amazingly well to even be able to say someone assaulted you. :)

It sounds like your abscess is healing, so I hope the antibiotics do their job and sort it out entirely :)

Not related to abscesses, but have a look into local counselling services if you can. After my assault, I was afraid to even leave the house because of the fear of seeing men. A few years on and I can honestly say I'm totally back to normal and as healed mentally as I'll ever be thanks to counselling :) might be worth looking into once you're ready
I’ve kept this to myself and today I told my family about the abscess because last night it started draining again from my anus. They were great! They took me straight to the hospital today and after freaking out and being so scared to even get out of the car I did it.

I had a male dr who quickly, without even saying anything got me a female and she examined me with an amazing nurse who held my hand and I was instantly at ease.

She did a rectal exam and it all felt normal, felt the lump under my skin and said because it’s draining from my anus it’s getting out and spoke to a senior dr who said because I’m otherwise healthy and not in pain that I should be given a course of antibiotics and they’ll refer me to a surgeon. I was in such a terrible state today, it’s like everything that’s been building up emotionally just came out.

I feel better that my parents are aware and I feel less alone. I’m not really sure where to go from here I suppose. I hate feeling this lump, I feel even more disgusting.

I asked the dr if it begins to hurt again is it ok if I apply pressure on the lump to get the pus to drain on my anus and she said that was fine. Which I’ve read different. I think I’ve read too much and I have really terrified myself to the point I made myself unable to sleep or function. The worst you can do is read horror stories I suppose.
Don't worry about the horror stories! Mine has actually been a horror story but look at me? I'm still here, happy, ready and waiting for the next steps!

It's embarrassing, unpleasant and everything like that but in the grand scheme of things, it's no biggie. Sounds like yours is draining away and should heal up without too much medical intervention so be happy, that's pretty much the best outcome!
Me again 😋

Just like most posts I’ve come across on this forum, we come seeking advice hoping surgery won’t happen then a little while later we’re back to tell our tales 🙈

Well I was never going to improve with antibiotics, I was sent away with antibiotics last Monday, at a&e they told me because it had a Tract and was draining from my back passage they would refer me to a surgeon. So away I went, had a week of hell, mentally. You know when you just know something isn’t right. I didn’t feel right at all. I was having panic attacks and crying constantly. I phoned my doctor this Monday and told her the antibiotics didn’t work and she told me waiting to be referred will take more than 6 months and to get straight to the emergency room.

I did. Spent 10 hours in it. The dr got a surgeon to me who admitted me. I actually had a fistula and they laid it open and cleaned the area out where the abscess was.

I was terrified going for surgery but you know what, I did it. And I’m here! I might be on morphine and feeling good but I did it.

I might be going way over the top here, but this stupid pain the the ass 😂 may have saved my life. I was heading in a really dark place mentally, with this year I have increasingly became more and more depressed and questioned why I wake up everyday but I’m going to be getting the help I need now. I have an amazing family around me and I’m just thankful right now.

Currently I’m on a ward with five other ladies all over 50, who are the funniest bunch.

So here’s to recovering with my golden gals!

Anyone who reads this and is feeling scared and nervous, I promise you, if I can do this.. so can you!
Thank you!

So I’m a few days in and I’m a little sore but I’m ok! During any examination I’ve had I lay on my side as instructed and I said when I lie on my back the lump feels much bigger. I was told this was gravity.

I’m getting braver with the area and whilst in the bath I had a feel.. not near the fistula but where the lump was and it’s still there? Is this because of all the swelling? It feels so big?

I said time and time again that the lump felt very large when I lay on my back. I just don’t understand why it’s still here and feels the same if anything it’s larger! I’m just so tender at the minute and don’t think I could take more surgery.

My poor parents had to cancel their holiday to be there for me and I feel so terrible.
A little update

The lump feels quite big and when I touched it pus came out, im not sure from where. Is this normal?

I went to hospital because of this lump I don’t understand why I’ve been left with it

Sorry to hear you have been suffering, especially with what you have had to go through.

I have Crohn's disease (diagnosed 2010) and suffer from perianal abscesses with complicated fistulas. I currently have 3 setons in place and have had them in place for most of this time.

Are you still in hospital? If not I would recommend returning, and if you are still there you need to let the doctors and nurses know what has happened with the current discharge. From my personal experience I have found that after surgery I do have some swelling (called induration), but they need to be aware of any further blocking or discharge, it might be nothing, but it could also be a further pocket forming so best to discuss and have it looked at.

Do you know if the tract was fully layed open or only partially (depending on how much of the sphincter muscle is involved they may open the intire length of the tract or only part of it)? Did they insert a seton? Have you been seen by a colorectal surgeon, or gastroenterologist yet?

Sorry for all the questions, just trying to get a feel for what stage you are at, and if I can give any further advice.

It's good and bad to read others experience on forums, but unfortunately you tend to only see the best or worst stories, as there are many who fortunately just have surgery and reach remission with proper medication who probably don't post on the forums. Hopefully that will be you, so don't stress too much about what you have read (I only mention that as I remember I stressed a lot when I was first diagnosed and started reading). With that said the forums are great, they have certainly helped me through hard times.

I was so glad to read through your initial message to see you made it to hospital and gained the support of your parents, keep up the strength and spirit that you have, keep on top of it, and continue to ask questions, these are all important for you to have the best outcome.


Hi camo! Thanks so much for replying! How are you?

It’s been very hard to go from such a private person emotionally and physically to having to talk and be examined.

I’ll start from the start, a few months ago i felt a lump deep in my butt cheek and I honestly thought nothing of it. I thought I had maybe hurt myself and it was something or nothing.

1 month ago this lump started to swell and discharge pus from my anus and that’s when I started antibiotics.

I plucked up the courage to tell my parents and my closest friend two weeks later, I went to hospital and was examined and given antibiotics again.

A week later I went back to a&e, the antibiotics weren’t working. I was examined, they fasted me and a surgeon chatted to me, made me feel comfortable and I signed forms for consent to an exam whilst asleep. I told her that when I lay on my back you could feel the lump more clearly and it felt really deep, she told me that was gravity.

The next day I had the surgery, I woke up and the nurses told me I had an abscess drained, it wasn’t until hours later I was told I had a fistula that was causing all my pain and they had laid it open and that i would be feeling better by the weekend, it was Tuesday. I was quite confused and dazed from all the meds.

I was attending my drs everyday for nurses to check the wound as I had no packing.

On Thursday of last week, braver with the area I felt the same lump. I was told it was swelling. It got to Sunday and it was very large and inflamed I called the hospital the ward I was on and I was insistent that they see me because it didn’t feel right.

I went the next day and was taken to a room by a nurse who had previously told me i was going to be examined by the girl who done the op, I went into the room to find 4 men waiting and asked me to undress for the exam. I obviously went into a spin and refused. They finally got a female surgeon and she was the one who had first told me it was gravity.

She said I have a complex fistula and I’ll need more surgery, I wasn’t told this after my op? I said to her that the reason I came to hospital was because of this lump and I have left with it and I’m confused. She give me antibiotics and told me I would be meeting with my consultant in two months and I would be getting an mri before that.

Visiting the nurse yesterday she said the wound was very raw but I’m doing everything right and it’s very clean. She felt the lump and told me they haven’t drained it.

I’m very confused by all of this. The lump is the reason I went to hospital, and I’m still left with it. I feel like I haven’t been listened to.
HiCdaisydo!Sorry to hear about your troubles. I know how hard it is.But gradually things will get better.
Usually if a fistula is not very simple a CRS is not able to fully lay it open on the first surgery. Also if an infection is present CRSs just drain the abscess and wait to see if there is recurrence. If the abscess recurs it is in indication of a fistula. If the fistula is not very simple, it is routine to have an MRI. So what you are going through is standard procedure. It will take time, but things will improve.Your CRS will guide you through the process, trust her fully.Sending my support.
Hi Cdaisydo,

I am good, I am what my surgeon describes as a "complex case":), so struggled with these nasty abscesses and fistula tracts for a while, but am currently in a good place, to the extent that my life is fairly much back to normal other than having a few extra holes:ylol2: (sorry I've developed a bit of dark humour over the years, sometimes it just helps to make a joke of things).

Reading I now have a clearer understanding of where you are at, at the moment, and don't worry you are doing everything right and sounds like treatment is progressing as it should.

Sometimes it's really hard to understand what is going on, especially when often information is given when you are still recovering from anesthetic, but you will get more information after the MRI and when you see your "consultant", who will likely be your colorectal surgeon.

Because you are unsure and nervious about what is happening and why you still have a lump, here is a rundown of where I think you are at, based on what you have said and my personal experience (although please note I am not a doctor, I only mention this to ease your concern over the current lump).

Having developed an abscess, your first surgery was to drain the abscess, and lay a section or all of it open (depending on how much of the tract involves the sphincter muscle, as some muscle can be cut without causing incontinence), the fistula tract is basically the channel between your bowel and where the abscess is, or if it had burst, between the bowel and the outer skin. The idea is to remove all the infection and laying the tract open, hopefully results in the wound healing from the inside out and the tract closing. In some cases this is all that is required, and the wound heals and the person goes back to normality.

From here you could have some swelling or induration (hardening of the surrounding tissue), which could easily be confused for being the existing abscess (which was what I was trying to ascertain last night). Induration will obviously eventually resolve, but my experience after my first surgery was that a second and then 3rd abscess formed, but this was because at that stage I had not been diagnosed with Crohn's and was on no medication. My concern last night was if you were still being seen by a doctor, as an abscess untreated is unlikely to resolve on it's own. Now that I realise someone has looked at it, I am no longer concerned for you.

In cases where the area does not heal, what you get is a tract which remains open, which basically feeds the infection, many will find that the area that was layed open will try to close, and this can cause a pocket or abscess to reform, but this will fill till it eventually finds the point of least resistance and will drain, and it will cycle through this process. This is where you might hear the term 'Complex Fistula' although this term has many meanings, as it can in this case simply mean a fistula that will not close, or can refer to where it tracts through the sphincter muscle, among other meanings.

In your case I assume she meant the tract has not closed, and you are currently experiencing this issue of build and burst cycle (although the lump could also be another seperate abscess, so it is good that you are continuing to see a nurse). From this point you will need the MRI so that the surgeon can best determine what is the best next step.

Sometimes this will involve putting a seton in (basically a silicon band that keeps the tract open and allows things to settle, kind of like an ear ring:ywow:)

The short of it is to find out why the tract is not closing, resolve any infection, and enable or assist the tract to close. In my case the Crohn's is the reason the tracts will not close, and unfortunately even when I seem to be at my most stable, when the setons are removed the outside heals and another abscess forms, so my setons at the moment stay in place, and we wait and see.

This is the reason I said last night, it's good and bad to read some of the stories on the forums, from the statistics, for every story where the surgery didn't work there are many more where things healed and went back to normal. Hopefully this will be the case for you, once the MRI is done and a plan is put in place to fix the problem. Also it might be frustrating having to wait for the MRI, but my understanding is you need to heal a bit in order for the MRI to show the full tract, so some waiting may be necessary.

The next few months will likely be hard and you will have a lot of questions, and things will be confusing. If I could go back in time, the things I would suggest to myself, would be, have someone you trust go to your appointment with your specialist. Buy a diary and put in the diary any changes or symptoms, as this will help your doctors. Write any questions you may have down, and take the questions to your appointment.

I wish you all the best, hope some of this information has been helpful. Again remember I am not a doctor, I am simply sharing my experience and information based on what you have said to try and help you understand what is happening. If your symptoms worsen, or you develop a fever, you need to ensure you see a doctor or return to the hospital. The key is not to panic, but also don't ignor symptoms.


Honestly.. that reply is incredible!

Thank you so so much for taking the time to write all of that! It’s 3am in the UK and I need to drag my sore ass to bed but seriously, I really appreciate all of this. It’s so confusing!
So I’m two weeks in and I’m really not sure how I’m supposed to be healing or if my progress is good but i think I’m doing good?

I feel like this is totally wrong though.. there’s still a lump like beside the hole the surgeon made, I pushed on it tonight and blood cane out of my back passage. Is this normal, doesn’t feel normal? Surely they laid the fistula open so that shouldn’t happen? I’m still discharging pus from the wound and I think that’s ok.

Honestly this is the only place I’m finding information. I feel totally misled and uninformed even after asking hospital questions and drs.

I have to meet my consultant on Christmas Eve, I’m not sure if this is for more surgery but you can be sure I have already started writing a list of questions and I’ll be telling him how uninformed I have been.

I just feel so frustrated. Probably because this is all new. I’d like a time line or something. I’d just like to be told what’s normal and what to expect and nobody in he professional world is giving me that.

After my surgery, I was talking to a nurse and explained I was very scared to go to the bathroom and she actually laughed and said ‘oh I’ve never had that so I wouldn’t know’ she also told me I had a deep abscess that needed packed daily when in reality I didn’t so she was just as misinformed as me.

It’s like it feels like such a big deal to me, yet it’s not been taken seriously.

The only decent, honest, information I have received is on here. Again thanks for reading
Hi Cdaisydo,

It's good to hear that you will be seeing a consultant before Christmas. I totally understand your frustration, I remember feeling exactly the same way at the beginning.

As I only have my own experience to work off, I'm hesitant to state what "is normal", and let's face it, when it comes to fistulas there is very little that is normal.

Unfortunately, if your experience follows mine you will face ignorance and miss information as you progress through the process, my surgeon put it best when he said "they can't know what they don't know". When I go to ER now it is on my notes that I must be seen by a member of the gastro or colorectal team, this is due to previously being discharged on the advice of the ER registrar only to be rushed back by ambulance the following day.

This is not to say that the nurses and doctors I have seen are bad or incompetent, in fact my experience for the most part has been the opposite, it's just that a lot of them have simply not treated someone similar before. This used to really frustrate me, but now I see it as an opportunity to teach, and hopefully the next patient they will have a better understanding for. As an example, I was in hospital last month, the ER register and nurses did not know what a seton was, I was then transferred to the Gastro ward and only one nurse had seen one before.

The mindset I eventually took was to:

*Document my symptoms
*Be prepared for my appointment - any questions, etc., bring a notepad and a trusted person to be with me (as you often miss things).
*Do some homework, if a doctor mentions a term I don't know and I don't get a chance to clarify I look it up (trying to use legitimate websites), and next time they mention it, clarify what they are saying.

These are the basic structure of my notes:

* what is my current condition - I describe symptoms, he shares results, etc
* what will we do now - he describes planned treatment if different - I take notes looking at what the treatment is, when it will start/finish, side effects, what good looks like, what bad looks like, etc.
* what is my likely prognosis (what will happen from this point onwards)
* what could happen if things worsen (in other words what is the next step if things don't go as hoped)
* what does bad look like - what symptoms are normal following a coming operation, and what symptoms mean I have to go to ER or return to see him.

My mindset had to change from being a patient to being a member of the team, working together to treat my condition. I found before this mindset change, everyone treated me differently, my specialist did not give me the detail I thought I needed, and most ER registrars who were not aware of my condition simply closed down to treating the symptoms without looking forward to what I knew was going to happen in the coming 12hrs.

As an example, I have had my surgeon think a pocket of infection was scar tissue as he was feeling it, but because I had a picture, yes you heard it pictures:rof: I was able to show him images of the same area firstly with the "scar tissue", then without the supposed scar tissue taken before and after it discharging, and also the discharge (a photo of the toilet bowl, so he could see this was drainage not just a small amount of bleeding). Had I not had this, I would have had to wait until it fully blocked and go through ER. If I had just been a 'patient' this is what would have happened. Instead it was drained early and my recovery was much quicker and I went through a lot less pain.

I hope that your journey is short, and you soon recover and return to normality. I only share what I have above, as your words resonate with me, I felt the same when I first had symptoms and surgery. It's a stressful and confusing time. Hopefully some of what I have written will be of some help, it's just things that I later reflected on and wished I had done earlier.

All the best, and I hope things settle down soon.



P.S. As for the drainage and the pocket, definitely ensure your GP is aware of it. Again it's hard for me to say what is normal here, and you are always best to speak to a doctor about these things. If the area starts to feel warmer, if it increases in size and stops draining, if you start feeling unwell or develop a fever, these are big red flags, and you should definitely seek medical assistance.
Oh my! You really have been through it haven’t you! How are you feeling these days?

Your mindset now is amazing. I’m starting to look at it differently. I’m starting to realise that I know my body better than anyone else and I know when something is off.

I’m still quite grumpy about how I’ve been treated. Although everyone has been very nice to me. It took three visits to a&e to be taken seriously, it’s like they just wanted to get rid of me quickly and quietly. I was even told because it had a tract (I realise now that’s a fistula) that it was fine to be put on a waiting list that was 6+ months.

I went to a&e with a lump and although they did surgery I still have the lump. When I pressed on it blood came out of my back passage.. I’m beginning to wonder if I have another fistula? My care before the surgery was excellent, everything was explained. After though, I was given no information. I wasn’t told what to expect, given no red flags, healing time, absolutely nothing. They haven’t even explained why they have done this and left this lump. I think it’s unreasonable that I should wait two months to find out why they have actually done this to me, when the problem I went to a&e with, is actually still here. Even an information sheet explaining what they did and why doesn’t feel unreasonable to me.

I’m not exactly draining I’ve never really had a lot of pus leave the area the wound is feeling much less raw now but I’m annoyed that I’ve been left with this lump. I explained that I felt it more when I lay on my back because it’s right up by the side of my vagina, and I was told it was gravity but I just know I wasn’t listened to.

I’m sort of kicking myself that I didn’t keep repeating it because the person doing my surgery was someone different. Again, it was my first experience with hospital and I just felt out of my depth and too scared to speak up. This will not be the case next time.

I seem to freeze up though when speaking to drs and such.. I feel like a little kid who is too scared to speak my mind. I really need to get over that.

Today is my last day of antibiotics. This has already been such a long process😭 all I want to do is feel pretty and have a drink in a bar with my best friend surrounded by people who haven’t got a clue about what’s happening. Some normality!

But snuggles on my couch with my dog is perfect for now ☺
I've certainly had some problems, but unfortunately there are many who have been effected far worse by Crohn's (certainly not a competition anyone wants to win:frown:

I had a hiccup last month (spent a fair chunk of it in hospital), but thankfully the last 1 1/2 years have been fairly good, and I have been able to return to work after over 5 years being unable to work. I currently have 3 fistula tracts, and setons in place, but I manage well with them mostly with limited pain medication required for most of the time. At this stage, it's likely the setons will remain in for the medium to long term.

I suspect you probably do have another pocket, probably an offshoot kind of like a branch. This doesn't necessarily mean it will need to be layed open, as sometimes an offshoot will gradually resolve. They will be able to see what is going on from the MRI.

I have 2 dogs, and they are always good company when I'm having a bad day.
Aw no! I’m glad you’ve been able to return to work!

This site is such an eye opener, there is so many poor people really suffering and just getting on with it!

Today is the 3 week mark and one of my stitches came out after I went to the bathroom? Not sure if that’s normal but I bled a little after.

The pocket your referring to has been the lump I noticed at the very start, because I haven’t actually been able to speak to anyone until Christmas Eve I’ll not know if it’s something or not.

I’ll be sure to ask everything I can because I hate feeling so in the dark about my body. I hate feeling like I’m a problem or annoying the surgeon when I went to them a week later, it was like they couldn’t wait to get rid.

The consultant I’ll be meeting with is in a different hospital so I’m just going to make the absolute most of this appointment!

The pups definitely do help you. At the start of all of this I felt pretty disgusting about myself and I have struggled to open up and even let anyone examine me. But I keep telling myself everyday that this doesn’t define me, it’s certainly unfortunate but it’s not disgusting. The assault doesn’t and won’t define me either and I just need to keep checking in with myself to remember.

This is a great place to learn and communicate so thanks for your reply
So the wound is really starting to heel now. It’s much less deep and starting to look like it’s not raw!

However the original lump I KEEP going on and on and on about is still there.. only now I’m noticing that you can definitely pinpoint it just by looking as it is bruised!

I’ve been waking up the last few mornings with quite strong lower tummy cramps that do get somewhat better after going to the bathroom. They don’t disappear totally but I can deal with that. It’s just very painful in the morning! Which is a new symptom.. if it even is? I suppose tummy aches happen all the time, unrelatedly.

It’s just one thing after another!
Keep at your doctors! Pain is normal from what I can gather, but the lump doesn't sound normal at all! Keep at your doctors, unfortunately I'm sure the NHS is similar to Ireland in that you have to fight them for care!
I’m just so confused by the whole thing really!

The lump im on about what the thing I went to the hospital with in the first place! I hate feeling like I’m pestering drs but I feel like I’m gonna have to!

Hopefully the surgeon I’m meeting with will be cool about things.
So tonight after going to the bathroom, I wiped and the toilet paper was bright red and also a noticeable amount in the toilet. I don’t really have any communication with my dr as my fistula is healing well and I don’t like to pester. I have an appointment in a couple of weeks.

Is this something I should act on? This whole process is so new to me and I don’t really know what to do.

Sorry for all the questions!
So tonight after going to the bathroom, I wiped and the toilet paper was bright red and also a noticeable amount in the toilet. I don’t really have any communication with my dr as my fistula is healing well and I don’t like to pester. I have an appointment in a couple of weeks.

Is this something I should act on? This whole process is so new to me and I don’t really know what to do.

Sorry for all the questions!
I'm not a doctor and honestly I don't know an awful lot about fistulas, but I have blood every time I go to the bathroom.

I told my nurse (because I was last seen by my consultant in July, and I'm not being seen again til April - thank you Irish health "care" system!), and she hasn't been too concerned, but said I need some blood tests to check my iron and b12 just because the blood is a daily thing.

Due to a change in exudate (drainage) colour and pain levels on top of the blood, she thinks it's also an infection.

So if it's a one off, I'd ignore it personally. Sometimes the area gets irritated and bleeds. If the exudate changes colour, smell or appearance, see your GP to rule out infection.

And try to have a wonderful Christmas!!

I went to the dr and I’ve had blood tests and stool samples and I should find out today! And meet my consultant on Monday!

I’m feeling a lot brighter within myself which is great. How’re you?

I can’t believe how long this is taking for you it’s shocking! I was reading your recent post and I hope you take it easy too and enjoy all the Christmas snacks and drinks you completely deserve it!!

I went to the dr and I’ve had blood tests and stool samples and I should find out today! And meet my consultant on Monday!

I’m feeling a lot brighter within myself which is great. How’re you?

I can’t believe how long this is taking for you it’s shocking! I was reading your recent post and I hope you take it easy too and enjoy all the Christmas snacks and drinks you completely deserve it!!

Ah that's brilliant that they're taking it so seriously! I hope the results today are good and that you get more answers on Monday :)

I'm delighted you're feeling a bit better in yourself :) a positive mental attitude helps so so much with this stuff!

Ah I'll be fine. I'm well used to Irish waiting lists unfortunately. My GP has her last day from now til the second week in January. My mam has an appointment so I cheekily asked could they squeeze me in and she said yes so I'll find out if I have a stupid infection soon!
Having the good attitude really helps! I’m so glad I’m getting it sorted because I did honestly start to feel like a drama queen when they first sent me away twice with antibiotics. I just knew they wouldn’t work and I felt like I wasn’t taken seriously.

Can’t believe how low I felt at the very start of all this. I’m still dreading this appointment on Monday because of the physical exam with the consultant. But I’m bringing my friend with me so.. moral support!

My bloods came back ok. Slight infection marker and my liver function test came back a little too high despite not drinking alcohol or anything like that. Overall I’m happy with that!

Happy days.. you have to learn to be a bit cheeky and push for things don’t you! I just can’t believe the state they’ve left you in.. like what way must you be before it’s finally sorted!

Although you sound pretty upbeat and I hope it continues for you.
Of course you'll be anxious about the physical exam, you've unfortunately been through some awful trauma. I'm so glad you have friends with you though, they'll help take your mind off of it :)

Strange news about your liver function but I guess if your infection markers are slightly up, the liver will be working harder to detoxify stuff in your body. Sounds like the results weren't too bad!

I've been told I have a bad infection, apparently that's why I've been bleeding for months. Because I have no actual doctor to consult, i only found out because my nurse spotted the exudate looked wrong LOL!

So I'm on antibiotics and when the blood department in the hospital reopens (it's closed for Christmas) I've to get a full blood work done because my GP said she's concerned about my health because I'm picking up every infection around, despite usually never getting sick. Seems my immunity is nonexistent right now.

Ah well, have to stay positive. At least I'm on lists so it'll all be sorted in a year or two :)
It’s just absolutely crazy I wish it would just speed up for you! Although it’s nice you’ve been given the Christmas period to be merry!

You’re handing it so well, honestly I just go to shit with all the uncertainty. I’m glad you at least have antibiotics, it just sounds like someone needs to take a look at you and they’ll just know somethings wrong!

I had the flu in jan of this year.. never had it before was quite bad and from then I’ve had issues with my stomach. I actually was just told I’ve lost 3 stone from then! Bonus.

The exam will be ok. I’m terrified but it will be a few moments and it will be to help me.

The liver function is weird isn’t it!

You’re not so far away from me down in the south! I’m currently a big pms monster so it’s the only time I’ve had an appetite. Hello tayto!