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Perianal Crohn's ONLY ?

I was just wondering; does anyone here have Perianal Crohn's ONLY, with no Crohn's elsewhere in the colon?

Is it even possible?

Or does Perianal Crohn's normally develop after an issue elsewhere in the colon?
I know Perianal CD (abscess/fistula, etc) can be first signs and symptoms of CD without any other organs affected.
A complete check up of the rest of the colon and small intestine would be interesting to do.
You shall have more replies in the Absess and fistula section of the forum.


Thanks Lady Organic

Is there any way I could move this post there? If not, I'll just repost.

Thanks for the link too. Maybe it's just the start I have then. I'm pretty sure I have PD at least. I do suffer with problems elsewhere, just no where near as much as I do in my rectum.