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Perianal Crohn's ONLY??

I was just wondering; does anyone here have Perianal Crohn's ONLY, with no Crohn's elsewhere in the colon?

Is it even possible?

Or does Perianal Crohn's normally develop after an issue elsewhere in the colon?
All but my very first colonoscopy was clear other than the perianal Crohn's. My initial colonoscopy showed a small area of granuloma near my appendix. The Perianal Crohn's until the last 6 or so months has been very active, so other than the small section found early on, I would say it is possible just to have perianal Crohn's.

With all that said, I do experience symptoms such as cramping and pain in the lower right quadrant, urgency, although not anywhere near the extent that many describe. Prior to the formation of my first abscess, I was of the belief that I simply has IBS (which my father was diagnosed with).
My doctor describes mine to be truly manifesting the most in the peri-anal area, I also don't have the problems that others describe with severe pain when eating, cramping, etc. I do eat a plant based diet and notice that meat and dairy give me severe diarrhea. My main struggles are a peri-anal fistula and anal fissures/skin tags whatever you wanna call them.

I've also wondered if eventually the crohn's could travel to other areas.