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Perianal Disease and Entyvio

I'm feeling pretty well overall on Stelara except for my pesky fistulas and perianal disease. Going for an MRI and sigmoidoscopy to see what is going on, and if there is significant inflammation, my doctor is suggesting I switch to Entyvio.

Looking to hear from anyone with perianal Crohn's and/or fistulas who is having some success with this drug.
Hi lgpcarter,

I have Crohn's (small and large intestine) as well as peri-anal involvement - fistulas, abscesses, whole 9 yards. I've been on entyvio for about 8 months now, and it has kept the crohn's symptoms under control. However, my peri-anal issues have gone berserk since Humira stopped working and I started on Entyvio.

Prior to starting Entyvio, tt was over 6 years before this that I had my last fistula. Since moving to Entyvio I have had 2 fistulas that have abscessed form in the last 5 months, and i'm in the process of getting a seton placed in the second one.

Entyvio is *very* new and there haven't been a lot of studies done on it. Much of what my doc and I have found regarding enyvio's effects on peri-anal involvement is effectively anecdotal, in that regard.

I'd discuss it with your doc, and see if they know of any studies that you can both go through to see if they mention any participants that had peri-anal/fistula involvement. I do not believe a study has been done yet that specifically looks at entyvio's effectiveness for treating peri-anal/fistula involvement.
I have PA w fistula. On Entyvio for 9 mos. was not effective at all at first, added MTX and then had noticeable improvement. Able to lower pred from 40/d to 10. Scope showed significant improvement of inflammation in rectum. But alas fistula has not healed.
Looking to increase ENTYVIO to every 4 weeks
Thanks so much for the responses! On Cipro and Flagyl now and the difference has been incredible. It was like a switch flipped and the drainage and inflammation stopped almost over night. And I seem to be tolerating the Flagyl pretty well this time around, which is good.

Had MRI on Saturday and will have sigmoidoscopy on Wednesday, so hopefully some answers and a decision soon.