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Period and on liquid feed!

So my periods have started at last! YAY! All thanks to ng feed.
Unfortunately I'm having cravings for food and am not aloud to eat. How do you go about this.
At the moment I'm having boiled sweets but obviously they are not going to be good for my teeth. Is it just a case of just stick it out as its only really a week?


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Glad your cycle started. :) As for a liquid diet, you will have cravings and they never really go away but you do get used to the liquid diet. Having a diverse liquid menu helps. Are you able to have broth, popsicles and jello (they all come in many different flavors)? Those can definitely help. You can do it! I believe in you. :)

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Can you have pure sugar ?
DS was allowed that in small amount so I made homemade cotton candy using dum dum lollipops - lots of different flavors . We also used pure sugar as well


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Hi, I often have boiled sweets just for the flavour in the mouth. I've been on liquid feed for around 12 years. Boring isn't it? lol, never mind, I do have salmon and potatoes and I've just given gluten free pasta. not bad, but not sure of the result.
Good luck with the diet. I don't think you're cheating on the diet, boiled sweets should be allowed. Food cravings go if you don't see food around you. but if you are with people it can be hard to start with.

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Few other things
Sprinkle sugar over crushed ice. Eat with a spoon.
There is pure sugar "cookies"
Boil sugar in water pour into silicon molds - makes it crunchy and can be theme shaped.
Also ask your Gi about nutra - not sure if you can get it In the uk.


It is amino acid based

Rock candy is another one - easy to make /grow

In a pinch you can freeze the formula for something to chew but remember not to count it in your daily requirements since the nutrients are lost by freezing it ;)