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Periodic Constipation

Hi all!

Went from 2-3 D's a day to periodic constipation.:stinks::stinks:.. seems that my system goes to sleep and only wakes up after 2-3 days of no BMs. GI recommends fluid diet when constipation sets in until the GI system is back to "normal"....Looking for others with same course and seeking other GI suggestions..... thanks



Staff member
Did your GI tell you what might be causing the off and on constipation? Seems like there's something not quite "normal" going on for that to be happening in the first place. There have been some people on the forum who tend to have constipation instead of diarrhea but unfortunately I'm not one of them. If it were me I'd want to know what the cause is and get that fixed (like I do for chronic diarrhea) instead of having to completely change my diet. Sorry I'm not much help but I'm also bumping your thread so someone can. :)