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Peristomal Fistula

Has anyone had this with problem with crohns and ileostomy?

from my previous post (http://www.crohnsforum.com/showthread.php?t=79942) i wrote a bit about it but i had a fistula and have a revision surgery 2 weeks later at the same site...

It's been about 3 weeks since the revision surgery and there has been mucocutaneous separation and a painful abscess around my stoma that has been drained... and now I am so so so so so scared I have another fistula as in one of the separated gaps I see some brown stuff that looks like stool coming out, this seems to be the same area the abscess drains - could the pus from the abscess be brown? the scary thing is this bit that brown stuff is coming out from seems to be where one of my permanent stitches have been kept in to hold the stoma in place... but also weirdly output is still coming out of the normal stoma opening and when I let it air for an hour all the stool was coming out of the normal bit and I maybe saw a tiny tiny bit of air/brown stuff come out of the suspected fistula...

My GI doc and the surgeon both thought the first was due to stitches and not recurrent disease and said it was rare...how can this happen again?:frown: but I am so depressed/confused/sad/defeated right now...going to keep monitoring it for now and try see the doc asap but..

I know some on here have had peristomal fistula and please would like to hear how it went for you guys...does it need to be relocated to the left? please help