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Pfizer vaccine and MTX

My DD will be turning 12 in a few weeks and I'm looking to get my ducks in a row to get her vaccinated since Pfizer was just approved in the US for her age group. What have your kiddo GIs been recommending in terms of timing of shots with other meds or skipping meds like MTX, if anything?

She's currently on weekly Humira (40mg). She was on it every 10 days until a few weeks ago when she was moved to weekly because of creeping up Calprotectin results and other symptoms. She's also on 7.5 mg of MTX once a week.

Her GI recommended stopping MTX 10-14 days before her first shot. Then resuming the MTX two weeks after her first shot for one week. Skipping the MTX the week of her second vaccine and then restarting as normal a week after the second shot. He didn't want her off the MTX for the entire vaccination process since he felt like it was too long in her case.

Thank you!

my little penguin

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My kiddo just got his
Gi said basically get it don’t stop anything
Rheumatologist stated don’t stop biologics (he is on two -Stelara/mtx for crohns/arthritis)
But hold mtx for at least 7 days after the vaccine

so shot 1 of pzfier was 3 weeks from last Stelara injection (he gets it every four weeks)
And mtx was two days before the shot 1
And then held for 7 days after the shot 1

shot 2 he just got yesterday
Two weeks out from Stelara
Mtx was due today so that will wait till next week
Other biologic (given every two weeks ) was due yesterday so that will be today .
Our GI encouraged our daughter to get vaccinated and didn't have any suggestions about timing or holding any of her meds. We asked if we could skip mtx the week after each vaccine and she was fine with that.


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We were also told to hold MTX 7 days after the vaccine. My daughter had her second Pfizer vaccine last Thursday and MTX was due Saturday, but we skipped it. She is on Cimzia and another biologic and we were told it was ok for her to stay on those.
She was also told to delay the vaccine a week because she was getting steroid injections in her joints (she has juvenile idiopathic arthritis as well as Crohn's). So if your child is on steroids, I'd check with your doctor.