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PICC Lines?


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Has anyone on here been sent home from the hospital with a PICC line to do their own TPN hook up at night?

My daughter was sent home with a PICC line and we are doing overnight lipids and fluids. I prime the line and look at is carefully. I triple check it. Then after about 5 minutes of running we see bubbles appear in the line.

Wondering if anyone here has had this happen and if you have any idea of where the trouble might be. It is aways in the lipid line.
That’s very normal it’s impossible to get all of the air out without wasting too much fluid and a few bubbles are pretty harmless. I remember in the hospital my nurses never could get all the air out of my tpn and lipids.
Kittz is correct. I’m a nurse, and yes, tiny bubbles here and there are not anything to be concerned about. A huge bubble or airspace yes, little random bubbles, no. 👍🏻