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Pick a laxative... any laxative


Every so often to prepare for a procedure you are required to drink down a little friend known as a laxative. If you want to learn how to run a marathon without having to train, just take one of these and in a few minutes you will be off to the races faster than you ever could have imagine :p .

So do you find any differences between them?

In a few weeks I will be taking Pico-Salax. I remember it having a rather extreme taste (cannot remember if it was sour or what... I think it was like ginger though). The one I have taken the most of is Go-Lytely. It is about 4 litres or so of fun. The taste is not totally awful (I just pretended the whole time it was pineapple juice and I found that helped), but it is just the large amount that needs to be consumed (a full glass every 15 minutes... and it is about 16 glasses if I remember correctly).

The laxative that I hated the most was Citromeg. The taste was EXTREMELY sweet, and has ruined my enjoyment forever of 7-up.

Do you have any suggestions for taking laxatives? I find that putting ice in your mouth before hand and letting it melt can help numb your mouth and reduce the effect of the bad taste. Gulping it down as fast as possible also seems to be a good way to deal with the stuff.


It was Picolax last time I had anythng done and that stuff was about as lovely tasting as gulping down a barium meal, mmmm who can beat that lovely taste of chalk which is gonna block my loo for the next week!! anyhoo with the picolax I had to hold my nose to drink that stuff down, and that was the only way I could manage.

The thing that concerns me greatly is the fact that we can take many medications to control and hold-back the effets of eating foods and then we are giving the opposite to take! all can't be good in the Hood.



It's always been picolax thats been given to me and boy is that stuff horrible. Never heard of the ice cube method, I just down it as quickly as possible and wait for the inevitable. Although bribery by my mum worked when I was younger.


I have had Picolax and Kleen Prep and beleive me, Picolax tastes like nectar after the Kleen Prep.
I couldn't keep the stuff down, it was supposed to be Vanilla flavour but that was far from the truth!!
With the Picolax, I mix it with some Orange Squash and VERY cold water and a couple of ice cubes. Then drink it as fast as I can.


LMAO Danny.. funny cartoon

I can only remember picolax.. I mixed it with crushed ice cubes and mountain due.. I will never drink mountain due again.

about 12 years ago I remember doing a prep that actually took 1 or 2 days before the procedure.. I remember that being loads of fun. but have blocked out the taste of it.

oh the things we do, just so someone can peek up our bums.


I use the unflavored go-lytely, and put it in sprite/7-up. and I know with me, I don't have to drink it as fast as they say, and I have never gotten through more than half before what was coming out was clear.

definitely not the cherry flavor! blech...that was horrible coming back up...


I had to use the Phosphosoda umm idk but it was Lemon Ginger YUCK! and they didnt tell me to drink it with gingerale or anythign so the first hour of it i did it with water and idk if i kept any of it down...even with the gingerale aaaahhh nastyy! hahaha bad expieriance with those.