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Pill cam done, or is it....?!

Well I had myself the pill cam procedure yesterday, dropped the recording box off this morning after another night of multiple toilet trips, watery stool and loud rumbly guts!

The procedure itself was fine except that my small intestine rejected the capsule after two hours of virtually no movement, my girlfriend and I actually saw it pop back into my stomach! It was finally on it's way again after roughly an hour of sitting at the beginning of my small intestine and a few hours later we headed home as it looked to be progressing very slowly.

The nurse who performed the procedure and viewed the images phoned me an hour ago with some rather peculiar news; she said that an hour into the journey the capsule came across "green sludge" which obviously obscured the view completely. It stayed this way even several hours into the recording, that's several hours from the time it re-entered my small intestine too! I asked the nurse what this could mean as I drank two litres of prep and had had a whole load of toilet time and extremely watery BM's before the test, although I was still bloated I figured I had to be clear. She only had time to say her opinion would be to retest but with a full prep this time and then had to leave the conversation as the consultant had arrived, she wanted his opinion before he left!

She hasn't had time to phone me back it seems but I'll phone the hospital in the morning to find out what happens from here, she was really pleasant and has said she will do all the 'legwork' for me so fingers crossed. I'll update on here as soon as I know anything, if The retest happens I may try fasting for a week this time just to make sure I'm cleared out!


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Crag, I hope they can figure out why all these odd things happened! I've heard of having a slow-emptying stomach, but for your small intestine to pop the capsule back into your stomach, I have no idea why it would do that! I hope they can figure it out! As for the green sludge, maybe it's mucus? I pass mucus rather often although mine is usually clear, white-ish, or even a bit orange. I don't believe it's ever been green.

At any rate, it sounds like they saw some interesting stuff on your pill cam! I hope this leads you to some answers and a diagnosis! Keep us posted, and good luck.
My capsule popped back into my stomach several times. Initially my GI thought there was narrowing of my duodenum, but after evaluating with upper endoscopy, it was a very sharply angular area in my small intestine. I hope they figure out what the green stuff was. Hope you hear something soon. That's awesome that they checked the images so quickly.
Thanks for your replies, always appreciate a bit of input! I was thinking along the mucus lines too cat but then I thought I've passed mucus plenty in the past and that too is always white and looks like I've spat into the toilet. I'm definitely a head scratcher either way!

May you're right they're moving extremely quickly for me. The nurse practitioner is an angel, she's doing all the chasing up for me which is a welcome relief as I'd been doing it myself with previous tests! I've spoken to her again this morning and she has a cancellation for next Wednesday, just needs to get the approval from Peterborough and hopefully I'm in. She wants me to do a full prep this time and to fast for the whole day prior to the test, I'm on a low residue diet anyway but that was her other recommendation. I believe a laprascopy was the next prong of attack anyway, so if the retest shows the same then hopefully it'll happen even sooner. After being woken up early with my usual morning pain this has all come as a huge sweetener. Just the fact that she is doing so much for me has put a smile on my face, hopefully the light is starting to shine at the end of the tunnel!


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Crag, I hope the pill cam re-test goes well! That is very quick, it sounds like you're being taken care of very well and that's wonderful. Full prep is no fun, but if it means clear images this time around then it's a necessary evil. Good luck with everything and keep us posted on how it all goes! Fingers crossed for you that this time around you can get some answers!


Oh goodness! I hope the retest shows more! I'm very surprised they got it done so fast and that they are going to get you back in so fast! You have got some great doctors. :)
Thank you both for the well wishes, it means a lot. You're right about the prep though cat, most definitely a neccessary evil so I'll be chugging it down with optimism! I'm glad that something has shown up other than my dodgy stomach valves, just need to hope they find the cause and that it's a simple fix!

Yeah they're really moving things quickly at the moment Allie, it hasn't always been this smooth but I've certainly got no complaints presently! It's the nurse practioner who's really got things moving for me (excuse the pun!), when she said she'd be viewing the images the following day I thought a phone call wouldn't be out of the question and she was happy to oblige. It's really upped my mood as I'm now thinking that I'm on the right road, just gotta wait and see what's at the end of it!
Sounds like you have been having fun and games with the pillcam. Lets hope they view the next one as quickly. Do you have a date yet? I hope it shows whats wrong so you can avoid the laparoscopy. Have you been referred to the surgeons yet for discussion about that or are they waiting on the pillcam results. If you get a choice Alan Wells is a really good surgeon who is one of the lead colorectal/IBD surgeons at PCH. Mr Choy and Bajwa are also good though more upper GI stuff.
Hello LMH, how's things been with you? Yeah that's one way of putting it, I'm certainly making them earn their pennies if nothing else! I've got the retest this coming Wednesday and hoping that the nurse goes through the images again the following day, that'd be a nice little bonus!

They haven't made any decision with regards the laproscopy, it's planned for if/when the pill cam comes back normal, so just gotta watch this space! Thanks for the info about the surgical team though, it's good to be in the know! I'm sure I'll be putting something on here if it does materialise, I wouldn't say I'm looking forward to it but I'll also do whatever is needed to put an end to all this. I'm ever optimistic that the end is soon in sight! Hope things are good with you at least?
Good luck for wednesday.
My luck has not been good as the multiple ops for my leg infection set off a bad flare as they had to reduce my immunosuppressants etc etc so back onto 40mg pred, blood transfusions...and my work summonsed me last week to make things even worse...GP and GI livid but can do nothing.

But heh ho, I've just gotta get on with it, at least I have a diagnosis and can get treatment. I really feel for you guys still in the undiagnosed club and so no treatment...
Thank you LMH. I'm sorry to hear that you're not having a more bearable time at the mo, it really does seem if it's not one thing it's another with so many people on here, somebody up there clearly enjoys testin us! I hope you're resting up plenty and not stressing too much about those *^*¥holes at work, if only they could spend just one day in your shoes, I'm sure they'd adopt a different attitude!

Just out of interest are you in a union or anything like that? It's a very small fee to pay for the security and knowledge that you've got support, might be worth pursuing if your company support unions? I hope that this week is good to you and that many more follow. Thanks again for the good luck message.
Hi Crag,
Unfortunately I am in a partnership so really have no rights.
They have also implied I have to go to work straight away or no job....amongst other things. So back on thursday, thankfully had a blood transfusion today which will help me get through the day. I have decided there is no point fretting, I need the job to pay the bills and so just need to get on with it.
Whats done is done.

Let us know what happens tomorrow!
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Wow, sorry to hear that really I am. That's an absolute joke but I'm not going to sit here and start telling you things about your company that you clearly already know, it'll only make you feel worse.

I admire your attitude though, it's the right one to adopt but easier said than done to say the least! I hope that you at least have decent, understanding colleagues who will rally round you when it's needed, if not then I admire your attitude even more so!

I'll be sure to put something up here once I've got some news or results and take care of yourself in the meantime.


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Good luck tomorrow, Crag! I saw your other thread about your issues with prep, sounds awful. :( I hope everything is okay and that the pill cam can see what's going on this time. Please keep us posted and best of luck!
I have been very interested in reading up on others experiences with pill cams.

I was in to see my GI yesterday, and, he said that there are no pill cams here in my small community, but, the nearest city (Calgary) has them. He also said that pill cams cannot be used when biopsies need to be taken. I have another colonoscopy booked soon, and I was hoping to try this pill cam, sounds less invasive, but he can't cause of biopsies.

If I have an opportunity to try it in the future I will.

I look forward to hearing your reseults with the re-test!!!

Sorry for the very delayed reply but I haven't been on here the last couple of weeks, been feeling a bit sorry for myself I suppose and was trying not to think about things too much. I had the retest and it went ok, had to have a shot of some stomach emptying drug as the pill cam was still sat there after three hours again.

Have had my results through (hence the feelin lousy) and other than a small inflamed patch in my small intestine all was well. They have said that it shouldn't be causing the type of pain and distress that I'm suffering with and so have ordered an endoscopy. It hasn't been done before and as my pain intensifies so soon after eating sounds like a good idea as the laproscopy sounds like it can cause a whole host of other problems in itself. Problems in my stomach wouldn't seem to explain my morning pain and other things though and I've been on omeprazole for 4 months now for the stomach valves so I'm really lost now but am just doing whatever is asked of me really, I need my life back and quickly.

Sorry again for the absence and for the ranting tone of my message, hope that all of you out there are as well as can be and that luck is shining down on ya.
Good luck with your scope, hope it comes through soon.

I have a consult about my laprascopy, but not until the 11th November :(

Do they feel it would be too risky for you then? I'm not too worried about mine, there are no more minor tests I am allowed so I have no choice. Thus I tell myself is the only way so hence the not worrying too much. Heck I will be asleep (awake for all tests so far) and no laxatives which have to be a plus!


Sorry your pill cam didn't show anything!! :(

I personally think laproscopy is a good idea if nothing else shows the issue. I have heard from others on this board that Crohn's can affect the outer layers of your intestines, which would not show up on scopes or pill cam's. For females it can show endometriosis, which can cause the same symptoms.
Thanks for the good luck messages, I need about as many as I can get at the moment but that's a situation we're all familiar with!

I'm going to contact the hospital this afternoon as I haven't yet heard anything from them so hopefully will at least have a date to put in my diary. Star, I think they want to pursue the endoscopy first as I haven't yet had one. If that results in all clear then I think I'll be in the same position as yourself; nothing left but laproscopy. I don't think he considered it too risky for me, maybe was just adding extra justification for going with the endoscopy first, who knows?!

I agree with what you said though, compared to other tests its a doddle and is necessary so needs to be done regardless. The lack of prep is definitely a big plus for sure! I hope that your consult goes well and that they get a date set quickly too, here's hoping for answers once more!

Thanks for the info Allie, every bit helps! I still think my problems are away from my stomach as the pain and swelling can be so low at times that my boxer elastic hurts! I'm just going with whatever they plan at the moment as they are still on side and trying to get me a diagnosis. On another note I'm sorry to hear about ur hubby's posting, I can't imagine what it must be like to be away from your partner for that long. You both sound like strong willed people though so I'm sure you'll emerge from it even stronger and tighter than you were before, I wish you all the luck in the world.
Well I had myself an endoscopy on Saturday morning and tolerated it ok with only some gagging and retching! They have found patches of gastritis and also duodenitus too, have to wait a couple of weeks for the biopsy results. Unfortunately there was nobody there to go through things with me and the nurse was respiratory so couldn't offer any info either but I will try to get my follow up brought forward once the results are in.

I've been on omeprazole for over four months now so I'm not sure what course of action they are going to pursue and my head is filled with lots of questions at the moment too! I only had the pill cam three weeks ago which missed the stomach and duodenum issues and only picked up on one inflamed patch at the other end of my small intestine so I'm wondering if there's more it missed?!

I honestly don't know but I am happy that something else has finally shown, it's certainly better than hearing another 'everything looks fine!'. Just have to wait for the results now and see what the doctors plan to do, I'm suffering this morning but am hoping it's soon going to be a thing of the past!

Hope that all of you had a good weekend and that this week is bright for us, take care.
Crag, the pillcam isn't designed to view the stomach so it won't have picked up much there. It's for small lumens whereas the stomach is more bag like!
As for the inflammation despite omeprazole,They may well double up on your omeprazole or add in something to make your stomach empty more quickly like domperidone or metoclopramide etc.
Good luck at your next appt, is it soon ? Let's hope soon so you can move on to the next step and hear what his thoughts are.
Hey LMH, thanks for the info, that would go someway to explaining why it missed those bits then! I'm hoping it's not another 'let's try this drug and see' as I need my life back ASAP, but at the same time they're the doctors and I've gotta trust their verdict. I know I'm probably over thinking things at the moment but it's hard not to analyse just a little!

I've got a follow up appointment at the end of November with Dr Nair again but once the biopsy results are back in a fortnight I'll try and chase up a cancellation an hopefully get seen a bit quicker. Intrigued to hear his thoughts to say the least so yeah with a bit of luck it'll happen soon, just hoping if I do get a cancellation that it's him I see as he's been good to me so far.

On another note how did your prep go today? I sincerely hope that it went as smoothly as possible for you, how are you feeling being in the hotel? With a bit of luck the procedure will at least highlight the cause of your recent troubles and here's hoping that it's not too serious and can be resolved fairly straightforwardly. Wishing you all the best with it, you'll be in my thoughts throughout.