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Pill cam sooner than expected.

So I received a call from the hospital a couple of days ago and they have a cancellation for next week for me which is really good news. It means an early morning trip to Kettering but I'd crawl to Scotland if I thought it would get some answers!

After events today I'm hoping more than ever that it highlights something: I had to phone my little bro an mother in desperation as my girlfriend is at work and I was one pain level away from phoning for an ambulance again. What started as usual morning pain and sick feeling rapidly developed into the hard to breathe/speak or move pain. My stomach was so tender and hot that it was makin the dog sweat! (not literally of course, but gets the point across!)

After popping a couple of tramadol and sticking another morphine patch on things seem to have calmed down a little. I don't know if it's the painkillers working or if things have just quietened down in there as I'm still very sore and tender. At least now I can breathe without any drama and although I'm still laying on my back I can move more freely than an hour ago.

So that's my day so far, hope everyone is as well as can be and that the weekend is good to us, take care all.



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Hey Crag, I hope it goes well! I know just what you mean - I'd crawl to Scotland too if it meant getting some answers (and since I'm in the US that would mean I'd have to crawl straight across the ocean! But I'd do it if it meant I could finally have a proper diagnosis!). Please keep us posted on how it goes, and I really hope you get some answers from this. Are they having you do prep, or are they just having you fast beforehand?
Thanks for your messages people, you're making me blush with your comments! I guess I've always been a pretty upbeat person anyway, my normal mood is quite jovial and that definitely helps with trying to stay optimistic. In times of great pain it's admittedly much harder but I keep telling myself that you gotta take the rough with the smooth. Things will get better and whatever my body is doing to me will be found out, if they need to cut me open to find it then so be it. This forum is a godsend for support and advice and I've always been good at talking about my feelings so I make sure I get things off my chest with pretty much anybody that will listen too!

Admittedly I am a bit worries this morning as my body has been rejecting everything since I woke up at about half seven last night. As soon as I attempt to move from being on my back I have to rush to the toilet and hurl! So already I can see that today's gonna be more 'interesting' than yesterday and I'm supposed to be getting my car an M.O.T today!

Hi cat, I'm glad somebody else shares my theory with regards walking to Scotland, it's meant to be quite a beautiful place too so two birds with one stone an all! Lol. I have to do prep with mine unfortunately so me and the toilet will be getting some one to one time fo sure! I've got a quick question for you actually cat: with regard your GERD do you need to stay on meds for the rest of your life for it? Ive been on omeprazole for 3 months and everytime I ask a doc about it they just tell me to stay on them until my next appointment, nobody actually seems to know! Thanks for comments too cat, always appreciated. I really need answers more than ever now, I feel considerably worse these last few days and things don't seem to be improving this morning.

Hole you're all as well as can be


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Crag, I honestly cannot answer your questions about GERD. I'm in a similar position, I've been on Ranitidine which did nothing, and then I was on 20mg of Omeprazole which worked okay, and now I'm at 40 mg Omeprazole and I'm still having occasional reflux issues. I see my GI on the 22nd so I'm going to ask him about all of this at my appointment. I don't know if I'm going to have to be on meds all my life for my GERD. My gut illness is pretty well under control, but my GERD still isn't. I don't know if it ever will be. So long story short, I don't know!

Sorry to hear you have to do prep. I did too before my pill cam. I was told that I only needed to do 1/2 the normal amount of prep, as they really just need the small intestine to be cleared out. So if you can't bring yourself to drink the full amount, it's apparently not too big of a deal. I hope all goes well, with both prep and pill cam.
Thank you for your message star, I'm really hoping I get some results quickly too. The last year has been a pretty torrid journey and my symptoms just seem to change as opposed to getting any better, but these last two days are really testing me. My stomach is still rejecting any fluid I try to put in there, I gave up on eating last night but even fluids are flying back up as soon as I try to move off my back! As bad as things have been I was at least able to eat before and just suffered with the pain and everything else. But now my body is not letting me put anything in I'm a bit stuck! Sorry to be bombarding you or whoever is reading this, I didn't intend for it to be this long!

Thanks for your message too cat, I didn't expect any miracle answers as I guess you don't know the state of my stomach valve (nor do I for that matter!), it also seems the docs Aren't too sure with us both either! I'm glad to hear you're gastro stuff is under control though, it's one less thing to worry about for now anyway! The prep doesn't bother me too much, with the amount of toilet time I'm having right now it shouldn't have too big an impact! (there's some wishful thinking for ya, time will tell whether I'm being naive!)

Hope everyone is trying to enjoy their weekend, take care


Thats great news on the pill cam! I had to do prep too, and it wasn't fun, but I felt it was worth it to get the best results. Best of luck!
Thanks for the good luck message Allie. With the way my stomachs been since Friday I don't think there'll be much to clear out but at least with the prep I can be sure! I finally started holding in water yesterday but have woken this morning to more bringing up whatever I put in there, even though it's only fluids! This test really can't come quick enough now, I feel so weak, more sofa time for me today!