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Pimple break out - side effect of which med?

Last month I went up from 100mg of Imuran to 150mg a day along with a prednisolone course that finishes this Saturday due to a flare halfway between my remicade infusions.
On Friday I had my fourth remicade infusion while only on 5mg of pred.
On Saturday, my forehead broke out in tiny pimples (about 20 of them). I am very lucky and I have always had good, clear skin and never had a breakout until now. I can see two more pimples starting to form on my nose and a couple on my cheeks. My skin routine hasn't changed and I am thinking this is a side effect of something.

So couple of questions...
Is it more likely to be the Imuran (as it takes a while to have an effect) or remicade as I had the infusion the day before? And if it is likely to be the remicade, is it possibly the start of allergic reactions?
Is it worth mentioning to my GI who I am seeing on Wednesday?
Anyone else break out due to meds?
Son normally has perfectly clear skin and I noticed he has tiny white bumps on his cheeks. They just appeared a few days ago.


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Pred absolutely. When I taper it does that to me actually, not while I am on it.

I have also heard of Imuran/aza/6-mp doing something similar as well.

I never used to really break out. But since coming off of prednisone and starting up on 6-mp I have definitely had trouble ridding myself of small pimples scattered about my forehead as well a few of those large, under the skin painful ones that take forever to go away (and those appear on random parts of my body including my face :/ )

I haven't decided yet if it is caused by the pred, summer heat, my diet or 6-mp but it is very apparent that it happens and it never used to happen before i started being treated for crohn's.
First time I took prednisone it gave me horrible acne. The past few times it hasn't seemed to effect my skin much though, not sure why.
Son's breakout appears to have been from a new acne medicine I bought for him. As soon as he quit using it, his pimples went away. Sheesh.
I break out when on pred, lots of tiny pimples all over my face and I've also been lucky and never really had pimples, even as a teenager. They slowly clear up when I stop taking the meds. It sucks but I'd much rather have pimples and feel better, the dr says its nothing to worry about. I try and drink lots of water, wear less makeup and wash my face twice a day when I'm having skin problems, it helps a little
I broke out when on Prednisone.

Thanks to Crohnschicago for saying that it happens when you taper...I wonder if the current cystic breakouts I'm having could be a lingering side effect. I went off prednisone about 2 months ago.


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Have you had a doctor look at them goddess? Make your doctor aware of these things if you are tapering or recently ended steroids. It takes a while for steroids to fully leave your system even if you aren't taking it anymore.