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Pins and Needles and Joint Pain after 7th and 8th Influsions

Hi All

First off, just like to say I haven't been here for a while so to update you all I have been taking Remicade and it literally gave me my life back. I started the drug around September last year and it literally worked straight away. I had been suffering with bad bleeding, lost a lot of weight, and after trying several rounds of steroids, they tried remicade. the bleeding stopped almost straight away.

I still feel great but on my 7th infusion, that night and the next day and I had very bad pains in my legs, I could not rest with it, no matter what way I threw them, it went on for a day or two.

Yesterday I had my 8th infusion, and this morning I woke up with pins and needles on my left leg, more so on the sole of my foot and on and off joint pain. It has been there all day.

I am worried that maybe I am starting to have a reaction to the drug? Can we develop reactions after a few influsions? Anyone else have an experience like this?


Staff member
Hi there, Glad to hear you are doing well on Infliximab infusions. I am too.You need to tell your Consultant of the possible side effects you are having, and have that investigated! I unexpectedly developed weakness and pain, like someone hit me with a bat, on the back of my legs! I was off my treatment for months while blood tests were looked at. It was found to bes separate new problem, unrelated to Crohns. I am now on steroids too. So, you can develop side effects which need to be looked at. Hopefully, you continue to respond well to Infliximab. I would rather not be attending hospital at all, but if it keeps us well,so be it. Let me know how you get on. Best wishes