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Plaque psoriasis

ive had psoriasis since i can remember on and off. 4 yrs old i remember the first pathches. i was wondering if it is a direct link between crohns and this is also a autoimmune disease? i remember having d at age 4 also. im 37 now and the psoriasis has been flaring over 10 yrs except in cases of prednisone. ive tried lots of things mostly natural. sometimes it clears up some but never fully. does anyone have advice or recommendations? and or more info on this subject? thanks went many yrs undiagnosed crohns finally diagnosed in 97.
I'm sure there are overlapping links between psoriasis, Crohns, and rheumatoid arthritis. Probably genetic - certainly they all exhibit inflammation in a variety of areas, and steroids seem to ameliorate the symptoms in all of them..

I had one spot of psoriasis on my shin. I tried many things to get rid of it with no results. I know it is related to Crohns as it appeared during my first flare.

I used an unapproved alternative treatment targeting the MAP bacteria and it went away in a few days, and has not came back since.

To my knowledge no one else has tried it, so it has not been replicated since. I am not sure the MAP bacteria is the only cause, but it appears to be one cause.