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Please tell me I'm not alone!!

Non typical Crohn's symptoms I was talking with a lady I meet were I'm from the first chronie I've meet face to face. Well it turns out we share the same disease but that's about it I'm talking te only thing we had in common was the diagnoses. She had all typical Crohn's symptoms to the pound she required a bag. Me on the other hand I rarely ever get the big "d" I do get anal fistulas and abscesses I get the pain in the backside, but my major symptoms are fatigue, and flu like symptoms that's sinuses and eyes? I'm so confused could my drs have had it wrong for 13yrs I've had several colonoscopys that they have monitored my disease but where's the common typical symptoms? I'm so confused. The only typical Crohn's symptoms I get are very mild but the other things are so severe please anybody else going through this?
Have you been to an ophthalmologist to check for any extra intestinal manifestations involving your eyes, such as episcleritis, uveitis, etc?

Symptoms can vary from individual to individual and depending on location. Where is your CD located, beyond perianal?

Also active disease can cause fatigue and flu like aches and symptoms so your meds may not have your CD under control yet and a visit with your GI may be in order to check inflammation markers with lab work or fecal calprotectin test.
I have no clue were it's located never thought to ask I'm just now getting ready to see a gi for the first time and I have a laundry list of questions for him I hope his ready!!


Everyone of us is different. I pretty much never had diarrhea but I would have intense hemmorhages + mucous. Fatigue is the more predominant symptom I deal with, now I've recently added the fistula to the deal. After all, this disease is quite complex!
Other than mild abdomanl cramps and my backside all jacked up the rest of my symptoms when I googled them are stage 4 cancers of the whole freaking body!!!!! Lol it sucks!! I know it sounds crazy but it would be nice to have the typical Crohn's symptoms so I could relate to other chronies but I'm always in constant am I dying mode cause no one really has the same concerns or pains as I do with this disease or with whatever is causing this stuff it's just very depressing which may be half of the issue right there depression?


It is interrelated. Anxiety and depression sure have physical symptoms as well. It's a good thing to learn to detached yourself from these fears cause they keep you in a vicious circle of psychological-physical manifestations. Did you ever got the chance to see cognitive-behavioral therapist? It helped me get a better quality of life when I was dealing with too much anxiety in the past.