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Poll: Entyvio + 6MP, Imuran or Methotrexate?

Interested in a head count of how many of you are on another immunosuppressant in addition to the Entyvio? I am starting Entyvio ASAP and am considering adding methotrexate as well.

Please reply with yes or no and the name of the drug and the dose. Thanks!
Interested in a head count of how many of you are on another immunosuppressant in addition to the Entyvio? I am starting Entyvio ASAP and am considering adding methotrexate as well.

Please reply with yes or no and the name of the drug and the dose. Thanks!
I was on Entyvio along with oral methotrexate 15mg once a week before i decided to have bowel resection .... Not sure what kind of difference it made if any to the infected areas that doctors didn't want to remove....i Was taken off the methotrexate after surgery but since my recent flare i am definitely interested in taking it again to see if it truly did work
I started Entyvio about 2 months ago and my doctor put me on 75 mg of imuran a day right before I started the injections. I'm not sure if it's helping, or even the true purpose of it. It's made for kidney transplants. So far pretty happy with the drug combo. I did have a small "flare" and was given two weeks of prednisone to knock that out.
Bumping this up, as I am miserable on the methotrexate and wanting to ditch it. No active disease after almost a year on the two of them.

Still interested on how many of you are on only Entyvio vs Entyvio and 6MP, MTX, Imuran?
lgpcarter what side effects are you suffering from mtx that are making you miserable? Do you take folic acid each day? Are you taking pill form or injection form of mtx?

My son has been on mtx with first remicade then humira and now stelara. He started with the pill form of mtx but has been doing injections for a few years.

He doesn't have side effects with pill form or injection but most find they have fewer side effects to non with injection since it bypasses digestion. Also, folic acid supplementation can help mediate some side effects since mtx is a folic antagonist.

Hope you find relief soon.
Thanks Clash. Always appreciate your input.

I am taking 12.5 mg a week orally. I do take folic acid 5 mg/day. I take it on Sunday early evening and feel nauseous, tired and generally horrible into Tuesday after. Usually have loose stools on Monday/Tuesday morning as well. I should ask about injections instead.

I have no active disease right now (scope was good and surgeon said small bowel was "pristine" when he did recent resection) and Entyvio seems to be working well. I was then one who asked/pushed for MTX and my GI went along. Thinking seems to be that they are not sure it is necessary but can't really hurt. I wanted it given that I have tried and failed pretty much every other medication out there.

Should see my GI soon so will do some research before.
Wow 5 mg is a lot? Is this an rx or otc folic acid? C takes 1 mg a day but there are others on 2mg a day.

Injections might be worth a shot before coming off altogether. You sometimes go to a lower dose of mtx with the injection. My son is at the max but he's also dealing with his joint disease so it helps with that.

I know there's some that just don't tolerate mtx at all. Maya142 has a daughter that can't tolerate it even though she does find relief with it.

Good luck to you and keep us updated on the entyvio. If the high dose stelara doesn't work for C then entyvio is his next med!


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My daughter had a VERY hard time with MTX. She'd be in bed for two days after the shot -- so nauseous and dizzy that she could not even walk. Sometimes she'd throw up.

We tried everything -- lowering the dose (25 mg to 15 mg to 7.5), which helped a little.
Extra Zofran - helped a little
A different nausea medication - Kytril (used for chemo) - which also helped
Leucovorin - which is folinic acid. It is actually given to cancer patients on very high doses of MTX as a "rescue drug." It helped a lot with symptoms.
Folic acid -- went from 1 mg to 2 mg. I asked our pediatric rheumatologist about going higher. She said we can only absorb a certain amount of folic acid, so for example, if we went to 5 mg, the extra would just be excreted out (so it won't hurt but probably won't help much).

The bad part was that MTX actually worked very well for her -- especially for her joints. We eventually took her off it because she was just SO miserable and losing 2-3 days every week didn't make any sense.

She was put on Imuran which she has tolerated well.

My older daughter, however, has no issues with MTX. Mild nausea and fatigue but doesn't even need Zofran.

For BOTH girls, switching from pills to shots made a huge difference. I'd try that first before giving up on MTX.
Entyivo did nothing for me...I saw a doctor at Hopkins who said that he saw it working better for UC. My Crohn's is also large and small bowel... hope it helps you! I didn't take anything else with it except steroids on and off.